Bigg Boss 17 17th November 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 17th November 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 17 17th November 2023 Written Episode

Weekend Ka Vaar

Salman welcomes everyone to BB. He says the housemates have their own issues. Lets see.

In the house:

Sana tells Arun that she was confused but stop talking about it. Arun says you are going wrong as you keep listening to others. You are prioritizing irrelevant people. Sana says stop it and leaves.

Samarth tells Ankita that Isha isn’t talking to me, she is getting free with Abhishek. Vicky says you have to respect your friends. I would put my wife above everyone but Abhishek is controlling you and Isha. If your relationship with Isha is important then it should show and Isha has to understand that too.

Sana tells Arun that he thinks he is oversmart, you went and apologized Abhishek too. Arun says I am not a fool like you, everyone apologizes here. Sana says I am not talking to you, you are being a fool. You also bootlick and is a coward. You apologized to Khanzaadi too. Arun mimics her and laughs. Sana says you are barking for no reason. Arun says you are irrelevant. Tehelka laughs. Sana says you joke about others but can’t take it. Arun says you are being bitter. Sana says you are a snake, I didn’t even nominate you. Arun says you nominated my brother, because someone else made you confused. Sana says get lost, keep barking. Arun says I won’t spare you anymore.

Mannara jokes around like a kid with Munawar and says you have a meeting today daddy.

Sana tells Anurag that I won’t hear jokes about me. Anurag asks what happened? Sana says Arun is taunting me for no reason. Arun says you have no points of your own. Sana says you attacked Khanzaadi because you can’t put your points across. Sana says he threatened me too. Anurag says he didn’t threat you. Sana says he has no manners to talk to girls. Arun tells her to calm down, she isn’t nominated. Sana says you attack girls.

Munawar tells Ankita that if Tehelka leaves today then things will change.

Sana tells Arun that he has no manners, don’t poke me. Arun tells her to get lost. Sana says I won’t spare you for threatening me. They both shout at each other. Sana says you are cheap and force people to stay away from you. Arun tells her to get lost. Sana says don’t show me eyes, you want to threat me again?

Abhishek tells Isha that Vicky is angry with me. Isha says you didn’t say anything wrong. Samarth says he was hurt. Isha says you play on both the sides, stop playing safe.

Samarth tells Isha that she shouldn’t fight with him. He apologizes to her and says don’t be angry with me. Isha says you misbehaved with me. He says lets sort it out.

On the stage:

Salman says lets connect to the housemates. He video calls them. He says to Sana that Arun attacked your profession but I don’t want to get involved. He asks who thinks who is going right? Munawar says I am maintaining my image. Salman says I come here every weekend and listen to your complaints and guide you. I tell you to not bring me up in your fights and don’t blame Bigg Boss. I give you feedback based on what I think is right. People are watching you and you should behave in a civilised manner. I want you to play for a long journey. I guide you as a host so that you can succeed in your career. Some people in this house thinks that I am wrong but I don’t care, some fans also think that but I don’t care. Who was the one who blamed me? They say Anurag. Salman says at least he was upfront, its okay if he didn’t take my advise. I have decided to not shout in this season like before. I don’t like to be aggressive, you people aren’t related to me. I just want to try to make your journey better but its your duty to find the right path from now on. I don’t care if you misbehave or being idiots. I have more experience than you but you think I am just giving lecture for no reason. When you come out and see yourself then you will realize that I was right. They all apologize to Salman. Salman says I don’t care if the show happens next season or not. You people are no one to me. If someone doesn’t like my words then I won’t talk to them. I will talk to people who wouldn’t desrespect me. I would talk to people who would take my feedback positively. I talk based on my vast experience but if you don’t want to listen then you don’t have to.

Salman tells Ankita to come to the therapy room. Munawar tells Anurag that I told you went wrong. Anurag says I was not dealing in a good manner. I am not that professional. I come from a very humble background, if I did a mistake then I shouldn’t be targeted brutally.

Salman asks Ankita what’s going on? Ankita says Vicky was overshadowing me but now he is in another house so I can play individually now. I don’t want to cross a line of manners here. Salman says you are looking nice in the game and Vicky is playing nicely too. I told you that everyone is watching you. You work in the outside world and stay away from Vicky but in this house you are being too clingy, you don’t like him joking around with people who you don’t like. You are analyzing your feelings in a wrong manner. Ankita says I just want Vicky’s attention. Salman says if you are not bonding with people then what’s his fault that Vicky can gel with others? people are liking him. Ankita says I talk to everyone but Vicky gets too close to others. Salman says you are not using your experience in life in here. Vicky is using that and playing a good game. You have been a celebrity for quite some years now. Vicky is a businessman and his family can take care of it when he is here but you can never earn what Vicky is earning. You have brought him here because he likes limelight, you came here for him but when he is getting the limelight then you are not liking it? Ankita says I don’t know. Salman says its natural. Ankita says there is a competition. Salman says don’t think as your Vicky. Just remember that there will be one winner only. You have to give your best and play individually. Don’t think it doesn’t matter who wins between you both. If Vicky doesn’t win then at least he will be proud of staying here for more than 5 weeks. You can play your own game and take correct stands. You are doing well but stop crying Vicky’s name all the time. Don’t be insecure as its not a bad thing if he is playing well. You said Vicky is friends with everyone so is that wrong? She says no. Salman says you can make friends too, if Vicky is playing from brain then you can play from heart. Ankita thanks him. He tells her to leave.

Salman tells the inmates that he will talk to Isha now.

Isha comes to the therapy room. He says Isha you are going well in the show for your age. Your story is not starting in the house, you keep dragging your old story here. Salman says you are part of topics but you are never important in those. You are just looking like a part of a herd. Till when you will keep playing a game by just passing comments? You got a good start because of Abhishek and Samarth, you got the limelight but move on and play your game. Isha says I try to be objective. Salman says no one is taking you as a competitor, especially Vicky. You have no contribution. He says you know Abhishek and we have noticed that he makes friends and then he goes against them to show that he is neutral and then he apologize to them. He does that to remain in limelight all the time. Isha says Abhishek went against Vicky last night. Salman says you noticed it but you didn’t bring up to others. You should have openly told others about his game. He asks her to leave. She thanks him and leaves.

Salman asks Munawar and Mannara to come to the therapy room. They come there. Salman asks Munawar if he felt bad that he was thrown out of brain house and shifted to heart house. He says no. Mannara says yes. Salman says you were sent there because some people are playing games with you but you are not confronting them. Mannara says he is right. Salman tells him to take a stand if people keep going against him, you can’t keep playing by just joking around. Why are you not changing your game otherwise you will be out soon. He asks Mannara who is using Munawar? Mannara says he wants them to use him, he is being too sweet to others, he should take a stand and have more clarity in relationships. Salman tells Munawar that he can say no if he doesn’t like something. Salman asks Mannara if she is clear about her relationships? Mannara says I notice how Ankita is trying to make me look negative and want to be friends with all. Salman says you both can become hero and heroine if there is a villain. Munawar says I am not scared of anyone, I just don’t want to attack people for no reason. Salman says just don’t go and sort on your own. Mannara asks Salman if her report card was good? Munawar drags her from there.

Salman tells the inmates that he won’t talk to any other inmate for now. He ends the call. Ankita claps and walks with Isha and Mannara.

Salman says these housemates keep cooking some khidchi. What if khidchi cast enters the house?

In the House:

Khidchi serial cast enters the house. They sit in a room and ask if there is anyone here? The inmates are sitting in the lounge and hears them. Ansa says we are looking for Dr. Chopra. Bigg Boss asks Mannara to go there. She goes there and greets them. All inmates watch them on living room tv. Mannara becomes a doctor and does Praful’s checkup. They joke around with her. Mannara dances with them. They all come to lounge and greet them. Praful says people are following you all now. Bigg Boss welcomes khidchi cast and says an integration like this has never happened before. The inmates dance with them and they leave.

On the Stage:

Salman welcomes khidchi cast. They all joke around with him. They ask him to bless their film. Salman shows their young age photos and says they all are people he watched when he was growing up. He promotes their film and they leave. Salman signs off from the episode.

PRECAP – MC stan comes on the stage and sings his song. MC Stan talks to Munawar and others. Later Salman plays cricket with contestants.

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