Bigg Boss Season 8 31st December 2014 Written Update

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Bigg Boss Season 8 31st December 2014 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss Season 8 31st December 2014 Written Episode

Day 100 (continued)
Diandra comes in house, all say oh my God, Gautam is stunned to see her, Upen comes to hug her but bigg boss says freeze. she hugs Upen, Karisham says oh my God., Diandra says hi, she says I want to go in corner which I miss a lot, she go behind sofa, she comes to Karishma and says I am very upset, we had to save someone in nominations, I had girly moment with you talking about saving you, I said that I saved you, you said that you saved me, when I went out of house, I watched th episode, you wanted to save yourself first, I didn’t make a big deal out of it but then you said that you want to save no one, then you said that you want time to think then after taking lot of time you said my name, if you would have come to me and told me exactly what happened inside, you should have not lied to me, I would have trusted you, Karisham nods in no, Diandra says I felt bad about it, I feell like you are friend of no one, that’s it, you look good on Tv but when people call you selfish, vamp then I can understand them, its game for you, Diandra comes to Upen and says when I was evicted, you were broken, the Upen I saw after going out of house was so scary, even scary than Gautam, you were looking psychotic than him, the way I came in house, same way I went out of house, this is specialty of game, you should be just yourself, don’t let game over your personality, Ajaz keep poking inbetween, Diandra says Ajaz is second Ali, sit in side, Ajaz says I am king, I can send you out, diandra says you don’t know me, sit in side and let me speak, Ajaz says am I saying anything, Ajaz says you are dictating everything to your friends, Diandra says please shut up, ajaz says don’t dictate me, Diandra says I know what I am doing, she says to Upen that you are coming across as rude to Salman even, there should be respect from your side to Salman which is not coming, one advice, play your game not with others, I think you should not trust anybody, Diandra says to Ali hi bald, how are you, he smile, Diandra says to Gautam Hi, I miss you a lot, I know at weird point, I went out of house, I was emotional, upset at what happened, your denial, your no acknowledgment hurt me, on sunday, in press conference you were said many things, I don’t know if you miss me or not, if you miss me then blink your eyes two times, Gautam smiles a little, he blink, Diandra says to Upen that don’t come inbetween my and Gautam’s issue, I know you used my name, I know you must be feeling hurt for me as you are my friend, Pritham also said that if Gautam used me then I used him too, please come out of that matter, its between me and Gautam, Gautam if anybody say anything to you then tell them shut up, Bigg boss says Gautam release, Diandra feels little nervous, Gautam gets up and hugs her, he says I know, Diandra smiles, she says I wanna say something to you, come, I am not taking you in washroom, Gautam laughs, she take him in garden, there is table and coffee, Gautam says bigg boss arranged date for us, I am happy that you understood things now, Diandra says are you happy to see me, Gautam nods, he finds a rose there and says bigg boss has sent it, he gives her a rose, she thanks, he says you are looking like a rose, Diandra says I talked to your brother, I thought I should apologize to them, Gautam says you don’t need to, it happens in game, she says no I thought if hurt them then I should, I said sorry to your mom and him, Gautam says sweet yar, were they upset, diandra says they were upset for bathroom thing, I said we both are stupid and young so did mistake, I said on your behalf too, Gautam says I got in Emraan Hashmi zone, Pritham says to Ali that they are on date.
bigg boss says Gautam freeze, Diandra says to Gautam that you are going very nice but there are a lot of people who don’t like Puneet, not at all and you are getting involved in that, I saw you were saying that you are unsure about me, I was unsure about you too but the moments were real, I actually used to feel for you, I had many special moments in this house, she gets emotional, I enjoyed a lot, I miss those moments, I miss house, it was not for game at all, she wipes her tears and hugs him, she says I am gonna miss you, she says I don’t wanna go bigg boss, can I stay here, she leaves from house, Gautam looks at her, bigg boss says release.
Ajaz says to Gautam that girls like this, if you keep her as friend for life even then she will be in love with you, Gautam says no she is a nice girl, I respect her a lot, Ajaz says she is super model, Gautam ask will you drink coffee, Ajaz says that you drink in diandra’s cup, I will drink in your cup.
karishma says to Upen that I didn’t say like this, she was forced to do this reaction, Dimpy says why will she come and lie.
Puneet says to Gautam that Karishma is still saying that Diandra is lying.

Day 101
New Year Special
song Ruki Ruki si thi Zindagi starts playing. all inmates wake up and dance.

Gautam comes to Dimpy and says I tried to make you understand yesterday too and you connected it to some community, dimpy says I didn’t, Gautam says I am normally talking to you, can you ever talk in normal tone? Dimpy says you are challenging me, Gautam says I was trying to say that I have seen you talking in very nice way, that nobody will ever fight with you, you are lawyer’s daughter, you deal people in lawyer’s way, keep it up, Dimpy says what wrong did I say? I just said that do friendship with heart only, what is wrong in that, Gautam says your way is not nice, Dimpy says who are you to say, shoul I tell my class, if somebody talk to me in bad way, I cant talk to him in nice way, I cant be that much fake, Gautam says why would I fight with you, you are wife of my friend, Dimpy says I don’t know, by the way you are friend of my husband, they laugh, Dimpy ask how many time did you meet him? Gautam says I have worked with him, Dimpy says I have spent 4 years with him, Gautam says I was just saying that be nice, Dimpy says you are forcefully clarifying it as you thnk you were wrong, Gautam says I was not wrong, Dimpy says you were defining my class, Ajaz comes there and takes her from there, Dimpy says how can I patch up with him as he is wrong.
Gautma says to Ali that I tried to clear it to her but if she call me fake then what can I say.

Upen says to Karishma that Diandra showed her feelings for Gautam, I am hurt, Upen says I am thinking about it, Karishma says the way she said things to Gautam when she was evicted then what suddenly happened, what did she see on tv that she changed her view about him, Upen says she is looking for love in life, karisham says not this man for sure, Upen says I don’t know, Karishma says people can do this for game, Upen says I don’t know, when she was sitting on danger seat with me, she said to me that nice it happened, now Gautam will open eyes and people will see him, karisham says then what she saw in press conference, Upen says Gautam said that he miss Diandra, Karisham says so.. Upen says she told me that she had 5 boyfriends, I don’t know if it wa for game r not, Karishma says I have never bitched about her, infact she has bitched about me to everyone, Upen says she bitched about me too, Karisham says I didn’t like many things about her too but I never said to anyone, Upen says maybe audience saw that only that’s why they eliminated her.

Sonali ask Gautam that didn’t you patched up with Dimpy, Gautam ays I cleared things from my side, if she thinks that I am fake then I cant change my mind, sonali ask to say sorry to each other, Dimpy says why would I, Dimpy says he said that I said bad thing about a community, he said personal things to me too, Ali says this is sensitive topic, leave it, Dimpy says Gautam called me cheap, Gautam says I told her that you are lawyer’s daughter so talk with respect, autam sys to dimpy I was trying to say you are lawyer’s daughter, the way you talk doesn’t suite you,Dimpy says why you bringing your father in, am I talking about your mother father, Gautam ask why you are angry, Sonali ask to not brings parents in fight, Dimpy ask Gautam to go from here, Gautma asys I am talking to Sonali, Gautam says all I want that she talk with respect, Dimpy says you said many times that I am lawyer’s daughter, lawyer’s daughter, what is he dragging my father, Gautam says I am not saying bad about your parents, Ali ask Gautam to finish it, Gautam leaves from there, Dimpy says I am ignoring him since morning, but he keep saying I am daughter of lawyer, what he wanna say that I am disgrace to my father? Sonali says no, leave it, Dimpy says who is he to speak, Dimpy says this is personal comment, do I say from where he come from, who is he to say all this., she cries, Sonali ask to not take it to heart, sit.

Karishma says to Dimpy that I know his way to talking that’s why I didn’t involved in it as I would get irritated with Gautam, Dimpy says he is trying to say that I am disgrace to my father, Upen says its his game, he will first poke you, taunt yoyu then then would say that she doesnt know how to talk with respect, he is SRK in this. in kitchen, Puneet says to Pritham that Dimpy can call anyone not a man, can say slang, Pritham says she was just said that she is daughter of father, so whats wrong in that, Gautam says on top of it, Karishma and Upen are supporting her, Pritham says public is seeing everything.

bigg boss says freeze, all freeze, bigg boss says Ali release, Ali comes to Karishma and sing, then he go to Upen and tease him, bigg boss says all release, Karishma ask Upen to beat Ali, bigg boss says Ali freeze, Karishma and Upen sing in his ear now, Karishma takes his soft toy, Gautam comes there and wipes Ali’s face with dirty cloth, Karishma comes there with lipstick and apply on his lips, then Karishma applies liner on his face, they make him joker, Upen to his make up, Gautam ask why all experimenting on him, KArishma makes him earrings, Gautam says looking cute, she makes him like women, Karishma says wow Ali how you are looking, Karishma says he is looking in mirror and is afraid to see himself.

Gautam’s brother mohit comes in house, Gautam says oh shit, he hugs him and says my brother, Bigg boss says freeze, Mohit ask Gautam to be fun, , Gautam says to Mohit smarty, Ajaz ask Gautam to freeze, Mohit ask Gautam why your beard is nt shaved, you wanna be devdas? Ajaz ask Mohit to give jacket to Gautam, Mohit exchange his jacket with Gautam, Mohit ask Puneet to make Gautam eat, Puneet says I am froze, Mohit says I know, he hugs Puneet, and says that the people who talk about influence, they didn’t do attachment with anyone in life, trust me, they don’t know meaning of attachment, I know what you both are for each other, Mohit says to Sonali that you are looking beautiful,she says thank you, oops I forgot I was freeze, he says hi dimpy, Gautam have no problem with you, he comes to Upen and says this is entertainment show why talk about killing and beating? Mohit says Karishma you are my favorite,, she is enemy from start and still enemy now, but this doesn’t look at all that you say Gautam many people are waiting for you to come outside, my bf is waiting for you, you will love to go on Gautam’s funeral, nobody say like to enemies even, this your family will not like nor will we like. , I have seen that video, you were talking to Sushant that many people are waiting for Gautam outside, Sushant said that maybe we will have to go to Gautam’s funeral after show, Gautam hugs Mohit and says now you will see my energy, Mohit says see you my jan, thank you bigg boss, Gautam hugs Puneet, Gautam asys to Karishma that you will come on my funeral, Karishma sys he clarified, I didn’t say all that, It was my words, Karishma and Upen hug, Karisham says It was Sushant who said that.

all housemates are frozen by bigg boss, a lady comes in housue, she is is Karishma’s mother, she gives a gift to her and says I love you, I am proud of you, bKarishma is weeping, bigg boss call mother in confession room, she go in confession room, bigg boss say release, Upen hugs her, Pritham ask Karishma to go in confession room, Karisham says no it must be close, she hug everyone, she hugs Gautam too, she shows them that her mother has brought a pictures of her friends, bigg boss says all freeze, mother comes back and hugs Karishma, bigg boss says Karishma release, Karishma hugs her mother excitedly, she laughs and cries then, she says he is my friend Upen, she makes her meet everyone, she says meet my biggest enemy Gautam, they laugh, Gautma smile, Karisham says just kidding, she brings her in garden and says I love you, mother says you are looking very nice, karishma sys thank you, she hugs her, Ajaz ask Upen to see Karishma’s boyfriend’s picture, you must be saying he is not good, he laughs, Karishma comes there and says Upen must be saying something for you, mother says to Upen that you take care of my daughter, big boss says Karishma freeze, mother wishes happy new year and leaves, bigg bos says release, Upen hugs karishma and says to Ajaz that it was wrong comment, she is just my friend, this is wrong, Ajaz says I know.
Ali ask Pritham that will our families not come, Pritham says they will.
Ajaz says to Upen that I was doing fun only, don’t take it to heart, you do fun also, Gauhur and Kushal were together, I sued to do fun with them too.

Karishma reads that there will be party in house on nee years eve but this party is for couples only so all inmates will not be part of it, Puneet says huh, Karishma reads that girls will decide that who will go with them, Pritham says shit, Karisham reads that those who will not be chosen by any girl will not be part of party, all cheer, girls will choose their partners, Puneet says that all girls will choose me, Sonali says I want everyone to come, bigg boss ask girls to tell who they want to take in party, Karisham says I choose Upen, Upen kisses her cheek, sonali ask Dimpy to choose now as she is confused, Dimpy says me too, Dimpy says Ajaz is our guest so I will take Ajaz, Sonali does in pin safety in pin out… it comes on Gautam, Sonali says you are lucky.

Pritham says to camera that we are married so you did this with us, bigg boss what we three guys do, Ali says this is wrong.
Party starts in garden, Pritham and ali watch them from house, they are enjoying drinks and dancing, Ali says Ajaz and Dimpy have not same comfort level as karishma Upen’s friendship, Ajaz brings Dimpy closer and dance with her, then UPen dance with Dimpy. Ali and Pritham do commentary of party. Gautam and Karishma comes to them, Prithma sys how enemies became friends, Ajaz and Sonali dance. Pritham says Karishma is giving hints to Gautam but his mind is slow, Ali says Gautam is looking Karishma as his sister. maa da ladla plays, Ajaz and Gautam dance on it, Ali says see Gautam and Ajaz’s affair, Gautam comes to them and dance, Prithma says if Gautam lives in house for 3 months then he will get married to a boy, look three beautiful girls are there but he is dancing here infront of us, why you didn’t allow us to enjoy party, Ali asys this is wrong bigg boss, I will cut your.. Pritham ask what? Ali says will cut his numbers.

Ajaz ask Dimpy to hug, Dimpy says will not get It like this, she then hugs him, Ajaz does poetry and says you dance very well and give good expression, were you dancer? Dimpy says no I was actor, I did regional movies, Dimpy says I did item number too, Ajaz begali girls can do magic on me, magic happens on me in this house, you are looking very nice. Dimpy ask I have fans? Ajaz says you have many fans.
Pritham says to Puneet that Dimpy was dancing with Gautam this measn she was faking fight with him, Puneet says ofcourse.

Puneet says to Pritham tha when Karishma’s mother was called in confession room, Karishma didn’t cry, Pritham says I asked her to open room but she was ok, Puneet says what was our situation meeting our families but see her, she just want her good only, Diandra also clearly told her things. Puneet says Dimpy is same too, Pritham says Dimpy is all about game only. in washroom area there Gautam and Sonali are dancing.

PRECAP- bigg boss says to Ajaz that there are messages for 4 inmates from their house but you will choose two inmates from them who will get message. later Ajaz tease inmates that who are the lucky ones, Pritham ask to give to Ali and Sonali. Ajaz has chosen Dimpy, her sister’s message is played, she says we love you so much, be strong, Dimpy cries, Upen hugs her. later bigg boss says second message is from Ali’s mother, Ajaz doesn’t choose him, there will be surprise eviction..

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  1. prakash
    January 01, 04:10 Reply

    dude neeraj stop with your bullshit first go see the episode properly and then speak the one who used to bitch about gautam the most has accepted that he should only win the show don’t waste your time writing against gautam because ultimately he is going to win the show

  2. Neeraj
    December 31, 14:17 Reply

    Gautum’s brother came and start to give speech to karishma what she said what she shouldn’t and told her you said to gautum my boy friend is waitting outside for you whole big lecture to tarnish her image
    Gautum’s brother told upen everyone is waitting outside for you you taper talking to hill ting gautum so it is ok to say for upen by gautum’s brother
    While gautum was frist to say to upen you did have my panjabi thappad tan upen Saudi you didnot have my London’s thappad
    Who the hell puneet is to judge karashima when her mother came she did not cry or tears in her eyes
    Puneet like to create so much drama he is a acter and directer he knows how to get footage and create all these emotional drama and okay with people’s emotion telling karashima doesnot gave any feelling for her mother that is not necessarily means she was not happy to see her mother and doesnot love her
    Puneet said thus things once before
    Karashima said herself to upen thus us the way I am I can not show emotions and not well to show emotions
    I am very disappointed puneet being an older man comment on people’s emotion like this
    Who the hell gautum giving lecture to dimpy and going to get parents dimpy us right he us trying to tell her she is not a good daughter
    Than puneet and preetam commented her badely she was doing dancing with gautum to get footage
    If gautum does these things per gautum and puneet gautum is trying to make up by gone is bygone but if dimpy dies than it us a drama
    Puneet anfpd gautum are cancer and posion in thus show
    Stupid gautum can’t function himself need advise all the time and need his brother to defend him

    • s
      January 01, 01:49

      gautam just told dimpy that she is a daughter of a lawyer. what’s wrong in this? is being a daughter of a lawyer is not good? diandra is looking nice. she understand what’s wrong and what’s right.

    • naz
      January 01, 12:34

      I agree with you s …theres no issue but dimpy is now as bitchy as karisma she doesnt wanna understand wat other persons saying n starts crying …stupid first try to understand then you come too conclusion

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