Brahmarakshas 2 31st January 2021 Written Update

Brahmarakshas 2 31st January 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Brahmarakshas 2 31st January 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kalindi burning each family member’s pic while chanting the mantras as written in the book. Robin thinks I am coming Kalindi, what you are upto. Angad thinks where is she? Waiters/goons follow her. Robin becomes brahmarakshas and looks for Kalindi. Kalindi is about to burn Robin’s pic, when the goons shoot in air. Kalindi keeps back the pic. Robin becomes human again and goes. The goon asks everyone to be quiet. Shalini acts and tells that they will be killed by them now. Prithvi whispers that the goons are his men. Akshay says Angad said right that they are looking like goons. Angad sees Kalindi and pulls her towards him. He takes her to her room. They don’t see Robin’s pic not burning. The goon comes there. Kalindi hugs Angad being afraid. The goons goes. Angad tells Kalindi that he got doubtful when they came here and says don’t know who are they? He says I will be with you till my last breath. Kalindi tells that she wants her soul mate and goes out. Angad asks her to stop and not to go out. Angad comes behind her and the goon hits something on his head. Kalindi turns and shouts Angad. The goons make Kalindi smell chloroform. Angad sees them kidnapping her, and faints. Kalindi is taken to the tantrik’s cave. Kalindi gains consciousness and asks who are they? She asks why are you drawing my blood? Tantrik throws something on her to make her faint. Shishya tells that the abhishek is done. Kalindi gets drowsy and is in the trance. Angad tells that only Kalindi is kidnapped. Robin says we have to go and search her. Angad gets a paper. Minty sees it and says it is Pahadi baba’s paper. Prithvi gets shocked. Angad comes to the Tantrik and sees Kalindi’s blood is taken out in the big utensil. He tells that they shall do a deal, take money and give the girl. He fights with the goons/shishyas of the tantrik. He is about to come to Kalindi, when the goon’s shishya hit on Angad’s head.

Tantrik comes to Kalindi and tells that time has come, when he will become immortal with his Siddhi. He is about to touch Kalindi, when brahmarakshas comes there and saves Kalindi. He kills Tantrik and his goons. Kalindi’s blood drop fall on brahmarakshas’s leg. She asks why brahmarakshas is saving us, and how did he come to know that she is here. Angad says we shall leave from here.

Angad lifts Kalindi and brings her home. Kalindi compliments him for fighting with the tantrik and his men. Minty comes there and takes her to room. Kalindi asks Minty why did brahmarakshas save me, when he wanted to kill me. She thinks whose pic was remaining, when I was burning all the pics. She thinks she couldn’t see the last pic, but now she can see. She goes to the dustbin and picks the pic. She finds Robin’s pic and thinks how did this happen? She thinks she shall try again. Robin/brahmarakshas is still in the cave and has killed everyone. Kalindi thinks she shall try again, lights fire in the dustbin and tries to burn Robin’s pic, but it is not burnt. Brahmarakshas takes the firestick in his hand and walks out. He makes the kerosene tanker tap open and throws the firestick on it. His body catches fire and he runs. The people in the coffee shop see it and get happy. Kalindi thinks she shall not tell Angad, as he will get upset with her and will not believe her. Everyone watches news that Brahmarakshas is dead. Angad says he don’t see that he is dead, as Madan was burnt in fire, but brahmarakshas came out alive from fire. Shakti says he might be killed this time. Kalindi tries to talk to Angad. He says we will talk in the morning. Robin asks Kalindi if she is fine? Kalindi smiles. Robin goes to the room and shouts as brahmarakshas. He says he felt strange when he entered this body. He recalls Robin partying with the girls. The girl like other girl’s stone and they argue. Meanwhile Robin talks to Angad and tells him that he is partying with the girls. Angad asks him to come and party with him. He turns and the stone falls in Robin’s mouth and gets inside. The girl worries for her stone, while other worry for Robin. Robin drives the car to go to hospital, when brahmarakshas come infront of car. He kills a girl, while Robin tries to save her. Robin tells Brahmarakshas that he can’t digest him. Brahmarakshas kills him and gets inside him. He thinks Robin’s thoughts are still in his mind and he is laughing on me. The stone in Robin’s neck, brightens up. Brahmarakshas thinks why this body is throwing me out and says it is too hot. He tears the clothes and thinks this body is not an ordinary body, there is something in it for sure. Other girl gains consciousness and walks towards the girl/Pummy. She sees Robin as brahmarakshas. Robin becomes brahmarakshas fully and kills her.

He thinks why this body is not letting me stay inside, thinks to control it anyhow. He recalls how Gehna used to help him and applies something on Robin’s body to gain strength and acceptance in the body. He manages to control Robin’s body and says now we both are dirty. He stands in fire and thinks I didn’t like this body at first, but I loved it. He thinks this guy is wonderful and his mind has new ideas. He thinks to use his mind and tells that he will make Kalindi’s dear ones against her, before killing her.

Kalindi thinks if Robin is brahmarakshas, then how come burn marks are not on his body. She comes to Angad and Robin’s room and finds the former sleeping. She makes Angad’s mouth closed while he is sleeping and thinks she don’t want to hurt him, and knows that he loves Robin very much. He opens his eyes and asks if she came to fight with him. Song plays…..Kalindi asks where is Robin? Angad says he must be with Minty. Kalindi says I have to go and stop him. Angad asks if she wants his character certificate. Kalindi sees Robin with Minty and telling her that he wants to marry her, and feel her. He takes out his Dracula teeth, near her neck.

Kalindi pushes Robin and asks him to move from her sister. Minty asks Kalindi what does she mean by pushing him like this and says he is my fiancé and would be husband. Kalindi says you shall not meet him in night. Robin asks Minty to go to room. Minty requests Kalindi not to spoil her life and goes. Robin asks if she felt pain when she went away from her. He says he felt pain seeing Minty away from him.

Precap: Kalindi tries to find out about Robin and mixes her blood in Gangajal. Robin comes to her and tells that she has find out about him. He asks if she wants proofs and shows his brahmarakshas teeth, orange-brown eyes and hairy cheeks. Kalindi is shocked and taken aback.

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