Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 14th November 2012 Written Update

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Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 14th November 2012 Written Update by DJ

Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 14th November 2012 Written Episode

Episode begins with Krish pulling up Satya in front of Yashoda and saying this is the truth. He further says that a mother’s heart always recognizes her child and so now she should identify her child. Vrajlal looking perturbed questions how can this be possible? (Yeh Kaise??? Without the panning of the camera ten times on his face)

Krish replies just like I landed up in Tuljaaai’s house. (And the panning of the camera started thankfully less dramatically)

Yashoda breaks down crying out of happiness while Satya stands there stunned. Vrajlal steps forward calling out to Yashoda (Mujhe laga ki yeh console karne wala hai Lekin Nahi ….) He lightly pulls Yashoda away and hugs Satya (Mann mein bol raha hoga Pare hath mujhe mera scene khatam karne de nahi toh do char gine chune dialogues bhool jaoonga) He says he never imagined of meeting him again but one son is responsible for bringing back the other. He looks on affectionately at Krish and thanks and blesses him. And they hug. Yashoda says ‘Ek minute’ (more like you cut shot my screen space now see how I take it back) She rushes to get the pooja tali and does aarti of Satya.

She tells Surbhi this is your brother. Surbhi tells Satya how they used to be in the childhood. Satya used to trouble and beat her at times and she used to cry but she was saddened most when he left. Satya assures he will not trouble her but Surbhi says that he should trouble her but don’t leave ever. Namita is all confused. Yashoda gauges that and brings her to introduce the brother and sister. She says that Krish will always remain her brother but even Satya deserves her love. Satya confirms what Krish had said is true, that once he sees the family’s love will he realize how great it is. He says that he is indebted for life to Krish for this. They hug

Yashoda (of course not wanting to let go of the screen space) pulls Satya away to her room and pulls out the box. She starts showing all Satya’s stuff from childhood. Satya is overwhelmed. He comments how they have taken care of his toys. Yashoda cuts him saying that the toys took care of them in bleak moments and gave them hope that one day Tuljabai will bring him back to them but Krish brought him back. She informs him that tomorrow is his birthday. He is surprised. Yashoda questions whether his birthday was never celebrated. He says no. To that she says they used to always celebrate it without him but tomorrow they will celebrate with him and he will go to office with Krish. (and I will die of diabetes)

Satya says he doesn’t deserve this as he is not educated. Yashoda questions what he used to do. He tells her the truth that he used to do vasoli and gundagardi. Yashoda is heartbroken hearing this and blames themselves for this. Satya asks her not to blame herself as she has given him a lifetime of love in a moment. He assures her that he will change (and they hug). She says that she was always scared that after knowing the truth Satya would hate them. Satya says only Krish explained him. Yashoda says Krish could do such a thing as he lives for others. He looks disturbed and says he is tired. Yashoda asks him to call her Maa once. He does so and says that Tuljaai has not made him sleep in her lap and requests Yashoda to do so and sing a song. She agrees to it. She is making him sleep when Krish comes there.

Scene 2

Krish is looking at the family snap in his room. Rajni says that these are not his tears of joy. He says he is not as good as his parents think. She says that he is wrong cause it is him who has returned the lost son to them. He questions why he is not happy. She says she understands as now his parents love is going to be divided. He says he feels guilty of it. She says makes him understand that since his belief of them being his parents is broken it is natural be feel hurt. (and then these two also hug)

Scene 3

Tuljabai is wondering why she is feeling like she never got back her lost son. Satya calls her. She questions that finally he remembered her. To which Satya negatively answers and tells her that his family is really good. She is irritated that he is praising them instead of questioning of her wellbeing. Satya says she is not good and will never be as she has a lot of hatred. She asks him of not to give her lecture. He says that he wants her to be fine but that is in his hands. She cuts the calls thinks that now she needs to call Krish to take care of her business.

Yashoda is telling Krish that she should atleast thank Tuljabai. Krish is wondering how she can say this after everything. She says that whatever happened in the past is fine but finally Tuljabai returned her son back and has not asked anything in return. Krish says Tuljabai has asked her son real son in return.

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