Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 15th November 2012 Written Update

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Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 15th November 2012 Written Update by Hina

Episode begin with Yashoda putting the childhood picture of satya and Krish in a photo frame.
Krish comes there and ask whether she called him, Yashoda tells krish that she so happy that she even forgot to thank Krish properly for bring back Satya to them. Krish tell her not to say so since mom should never says thanks to her son.

Then Yashoda say she should thanks Tulja for giving her son back to her and not asking anything in return. Krish tell her that she wants her son in return. Yashoda was shocked to hear that and broke down in tears. Tulajbai calls krish but seeing yashoda crying,Krish cuts the call.Tuljabai gets so worried why krish is cutting is call and say to herself that she has to bring krish back to her.

Krish goes to his room and looks upset. Rajini ask him what happen for which he says Tulja ayee was calling him so many times and he wants to go back to her as soon as possible, otherwise she might come here. Rajini ask him whether he will be able to leave the family and go to her.
Krish tell her since he has promised to her and she is her mom he has to go back to her ASAP,before she comes her. If she comes her then its will be worst. Krish ask Rajini whether she will be with him, she says she will be always with him wherever he goes.

Next morning everyone was in the hall to celebrate satya’s birthday. Satya cuts the cake and feeds everyone. Krish steps back and stands alone,satya goes to him and feed the cake and thank him for bring everything back to him. Krish says he will returns everything back to him since its not him. Vraj and Yashoda tells him not to return anything,since both of them are their son and has all right in the house.

Krish ask everyone to allow him to go back to his ayyee. Surbhi gets anger and ask him you want to go the person who kidnap our brother but krish says even though she did wrong ,still she is my mom so i have to go back to her. Namita comes running to krish and ask him not to leave her and go.

Yashoda also comes to him and says he cant leave them and go and was crying.When they hear Tuljabai says so you want to keep both my sons with you. Krish is shocked to see her. Yashoda,Vraj and Surbhi is shocked and surprised to see her there.

Precap: Yashoda and Tuljabai is arguing over krish…

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