Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 19th November 2012 Written Update

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Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 19th November 2012 Written Update by sathuraj

Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 19th November 2012 Written Episode

Episode begin with the continuation of flash back scene from Friday’s episode where a fisherman bring unconscious satya to vraj house.both yashoda and vraj are surprised to see satya alive and ask him how did he found him. The fisherman says while he was fishing in the sea ,he found the kid in the net and when he return to the shore ,people says that the kid came with kanaiya dairy people that why I brought him here.Yashoda ask him why the kid is unconscious ,the fisherman tell them that the doctor has given him some injection that’s why,both of them thank the fisherman and happy to see the kid.

Yashoda wondering how to find tulja and how to exchange the kids, for which vraj since they can’t able to find where tulja is , it’s better to forget about that and keep the kid with them itself as their son, yashoda tell vraj that she will wait for tulja for her whole life . Scene returns to present where vraj says that yashoda name the kid krish and gave her full love to the kid.Krish gets so emotional and goes to yashoda rooms ,where she was sleeping. Krish goes near here and sitting by her feet and get more emotional.

Surbhi tells vraj that she wants to go to office to do somework for which he refuses and she says it wont take much time. Then a group of police guys come there,all them are shocked to see the police there.
The police says they came to arrest tuljabai for kidnapping case. Krish is shocked to hear that and tell them that she has already return the kid and ask them who has given the complaint.Police says that yashoda has given the complaint 23yrs back and they are here to arrest her,Tulja gets so anger and shout at vraj that what he is doing right and police take tulja from there.

Krish gets more anger and shout at rajini why she did like this. Rajini says she didn’t do anything but krish is not ready to listen and yells at her how can she do like this to keep tulja away from him,rajini gets more emotional and ask him how can he think about her like this, she never thought of separate them but always want to change tuljabai .Krish ask sorry to rajini and wonder who would have done this,Satya comes there and tell that he is the one who called the police .KriJini is shocked to hear that .

Vraj was talking to their lawyer to bring tulja on bail, surbhi ask him not to do so ,if tulja comes back she will take krish with her so mom condition will become worse so it’s better not to take her on bail.Yashoda shouts at surbhi why she is talking like this and ask vraj to come with her to take tuljabai on bail since she is our guest.Surbhi ask her if she is ready sent krish with tulja but yashoda says that will happen only after 20days but now since she is our guest we have to bring her back home.

Krish ask satya why he did like this,satya says he doesn’t want her to krish with her that’s why he did like this. Krish tell him that even he doesn’t want to go with her but sending her to jail is not a good things since she is his mom,and krish tell him that this is not the right way and we have to find a way to change her and they are discussing to bring her out of jail then rajini comes and tell them that yashoda has brought her from jail already. Both of them are happy and surprise to see that.Rajini tells krish that whatever happen is happened for good,this is the right chance for us to explain ayiee the right thing.

Yashoda ask for forgiveness from tulja ,but tulja gets more anger and tell then since I have given you 20 days to leave with krish but what you have done is not right so she ask krish to leave immediately.Rajini ask tulja why she is give punishment for someone’s mistake to everyone and says she know how has called the police,tulja ask her to tell her the person’s name,satya and krish looks worried when rajini says she is one who called the police.Yashoda asks rajini why she did like this.Rajini tell her that she want to teach tulja that what she is doing is not right. Tulja says that police cant do anything with her for that rajini says she is a gonda in Mumbai but not her,since yashoda mom knows very well that u r going to take her son from her but she has withdrawn the case from the police and brought you from the police and also she gave your son a good life in return you have made her son a gonda and made him to do all illegal work.Rajini ask tulja why she want to take krish with him as she want him to do the illegal work also. Rajni says that she doesn’t want to separate her from her son but also she doesn’t want separate yashoda mam from krish. So she ask her why can’t they all live in one place as a family…everyone is happy to hear this and tulja is confused.

Precap:Yashoda tells Tuljabai that rajni has found a good solution to their problem….

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