Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 21st November 2012 Written Update

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Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 21st November 2012 Written Update by DJ..

Episode begins Tulsabai coming to Satya’s room. She sits next to a sleeping Satya after lovingly tucking him in. She says that she could never express her love towards him but she will always miss him. When she turns to leave her pallu gets stuck and Satya wakes up. He is holding on to her pallu. He questions why she kept him devoid of her affection when she loves him so much. She says that it is due to her hatred towards the son of the person who was responsible for making her loose her son. But she could not get herself to hate him. She asks for his forgiveness. Satya says that even if she could not express it she always had love for him in her heart which is enough. He requests her to bestow him with her love now that she does not have any reason for holding on to her hatred.

Tulsabai hugs Satya while Yashoda looks on.

Scene 2

Krish is consoling Baa and asking her not to cry. Faiba complains that they did not inform her but Rajni says that they did and due to that they are here. Faiba taunts her says that now she is not going to say any nasty things cause someone else is going to have to suffer bad times.

Yashoda asks Faiba to not say anything of Tulsabai as they have only 20 days to live the fullest with Krish. Faiba asks where is Satya and he comes there. Baa gets all emotional and hugs him. She tells Satya that she always knew he would come back but he should not have taken so much time to come back. Faiba asks Satya to meet her also and touch her feet as she is his aunt. Satya does so.

Scene 3

Tulsabai is learning to knit from Yashoda (Rama Rama kya yeh drama) Krish comes there Tulsabai takes his measurement and Krish leaves.

Scene 4

Yashoda is crossing off one more day off the calendar and Vrajlal looks on sadly.

Scene 5

Krish is signing some documents when Vrajlal questions. Surabhi questions the lawyer who replies that Krish is transferring all his shares to Satya. Vrajlal objects that Krish is doing wrong by doing this cause all this is Krish’s indeed. Krish reasons that before him it was Satya’s. Satya intervenes and asks what the meaning of all that’s happening is. Surabhi explains that Krish is transferring all his property to Satya’s name. Satya gets agitated cause Krish had told him he is doing the company’s work. He asks Krish not to do all this. Krish says no one can change his mind and hands over the papers to him saying it all Satya’s.

Scene 6

Yashoda cancelling one more day.

Scene 7

Krish goes to Namita who is sad and gifts her a teddy bear. She gets all emotional and hugs him.

Scene 8

Baa is feeding Krish.

Scene 9

Krish goes to Surabhi who hugs him and cries and they console each other.

Scene 10

Yashoda makes place for Maa Ekveera’s photo in the mandir and Yashoda and Tuljabai pray.

Scene 10

Yashoda cancelling one more day and this time Krish and Rajni look on sadly. And afterward Krish and Yashoda hug.

Scene 11

20 days are up Krish is telling Rajni that they will leave this house tomorrow for ever. Baa comes there and asks Krish to take her along as she would not be able to stay without him. Rajni says she feels they will not be required to leave. She says that Tuljabai is changing and she has seen emotions in Tuljabai’s eyes which she had not seen earlier. She feels she is not stay firm on her stand of taking him with her.

Tuljabai overhearing this says if they are feeling that she would let go but she isn’t and they would be leaving the next day.

Yashoda comes there and thanks her for the 20 days and requests her to take Satya along as well.

Precap : Yashoda says Tuljabai will miss Satya a lot so there is no point in both being sad. Krish intervenes saying that Satya will not agree. Yashoda says she will try to make Satya agree.

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