Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 23rd November 2012 Written Update *Last Episode*

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Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 23rd November 2012 Written Update by hinz

Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 23rd November 2012 Written Episode – Last Episode

Episode begins with Yashoda rushing to Tulja’s rescue from the fire…she puts it out with her hand and Tulja is overhwhelmed with her selflessness when Yashoda asks if sh eis ok…Tulja tears out a piece of the already burnt saree tie on Yashoda’s burnt hands…

Next scene, Tulja walks to the hall with two suitcases and says goodbye…Krish and Satya take the suitcases from her and say they are empty…Tulja says we can’t go without our stuff so we might as well all stay back…Everyone is surprised and happy about her decision and Tulja tells Yashoda that she taught her a good thing by giving her the idol and now she has realized that if two Gods can stay together then why not them…Krish and Satya hug Aayi and Namita tells her that along with two sons, she now has two daughters as well…Tulja says she has a another condition and eveyone gets worried but she says she never got to see her son getting married, so she’s like him to get married in Mumbai in Marathi style…Vraj says yes why not coz KriJni got married in a hurry last time and Namita confirms that it’ll be ‘Byah Hamari Bahu Ka ‘…

Next scene is the wedding scene with everyone in Mumbai dancing on ‘galyan sankli’ KriJni get married in the Marathi way and when they go take Aayi’s blessings she tells them that she will visit him whenever she’d miss them…Krish doesnt agree with her not staying with them and The Vaishnav ask why she cannot come along… Aayi pacifies them and says she’ll have to look after her fisheries business and promises them that she wil loan out money on less interest and wont use violence in any way to recover the debt…Everyone agrees with her decision and she asks for a hug from both her sons…

Next scene back to Vadodra in Gujju bride and groom costumes KriJni are at the door step and Namita gives Rajni the challenge to break her own record from last time …Rajni kicks the pot and the rice grains dont croos the line and Namita asks Rajni if he rintentions arent right but Baa spotsone lone grain of rice that crossed th eline and says Rajni broke her own record…Rajni gives a whole long bhashan on how she entered the house last time with wrong intentions and still the family accepted her with open arms…She promises to fulfill all her duties this time and make them proud…

They finally enter the house and the thats the end of the episode and show…

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  1. K king
    November 23, 21:52 Reply

    This was very nice show i will miss them all..

  2. Mira
    November 23, 11:36 Reply

    Awww… 🙂 What a nice episode… This show was very good. I especially loved the Jodi between Krish and Rajni…. I will really miss them. 🙁 Hope I will get to see them together another time on Sonytv! 🙂

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