Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 31st July 2015 Written Update

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 31st July 2015 Written Update by Atiba

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 31st July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Khurasan says to Noor that even if Ashok reach Champanagri, he wont find truth and if he does then he will be killed, i wont let any problem come in Siamak’s life now, Dharma is hiding behind pillar, and listens all this, Khurasan leaves,dharma worries for Ashok.
Ashok is on horse and says i wont let injustice happen to innocent, i will find Dharma so that Bindu can do justice with her and with himself. he starts his journey towards Champa nagri.
Dharma is running, Chanakya comes and stops her, he ask where are you going? dharma says save Ashok, Khurasan have sent his soldiers to kill him Chanakya ask how you know? Dharma says Ashok told him that he is going to find Dharma and also Khurasan is doubting that i and my son are alive thats why he has sent his soldiers to Champanagri, Chanakya ask her to calm down, he calls his secret agent Angraj, he says to Angraj that you have to bring Ashok safely her, Angraj leaves, Chanakya says prepare to leave from here, she says i wont go from here, he says its risky to be here, i have prepared for Ashok’s safety and now you are my duty, if i show your ring to Bindu then he might trust you, and your innocence but this time is not good to tell your truth and how will we stop Helena? if she go against Bindu then nation can go against Bindu too, dharma says i am not worried about myself, i will wait for Ashok, she leaves, Chanakya is tensed.
AShok is going to Champanagri, he stops at river bank and washes his face, he recalls how Eravat told him that she used to live in Champanagri. he recalls how old lady had once given him a coin of soldiers who tried to kill his mother, he says as far as i know Dharma used to live in champanagri where my mother used to live too but when i showed her half face of Dharma, she didnt say anything, maybe she doesnt recognize Dharma, Ashok finds some soldier coming there and says no one should know that i am finding dharma, he finds other soldier coming there too, he says whats going on? he sit on his horse and leaves.

Scene 2
Noor says to Helena that why will charu agree to make relation with Niharika? Helena says we should make Niharika believe that we will fulfill our promises, Nicator says for that we have to convince Charu for Sushim and Ahenkara’s marriage so that Niharika takes her army back so we can play new trick, Helena says once Sushim and Ahenkara’s marriage is fixed, Charu will think that now Sushim will become Samrat, she will divert her attention towards marriage, in meantime we will make siamak ready for throne, Nicator says when he is ready we will Sushim and will put blame on Niharika and Ahenkara, Helena says Niharika’s target was to take revenge so it will be easy to trap her, Bindu will be broken by his elder son’s death and will give throne to Siamak, Noor says do you think Niharika will stay quite? Nicator says our greek army will handle her, Khurasan says its good to think for long term but dont think that far that eyes get blurred, as far as i know charu loves her son alot and agreeing to marry him to a betrayer’s daughter is impossible, Nicator says if you have other plan then tell me, Helena says if Charu herself give suggestion of that marriage? Nicator says siamak have support from khursanis and Charu knows it so Charu will also want some strong army to back Sushim, Khurasan says how will you do all this? Helena says just one thought, we have to put one thought in her ears and plan will work, they smirk.

Scene 3
Subhrasi is taking holy bath, Dharma is there and thinks that if i inform Bindu about danger on Ashok then he will prepare for his protection, but how will i tell him? Chanakya is also doing things to protect him, priest ask to put holy water on Subhrasi, Subhrasi looks at Dharma and ask where are you lost? priest is asking to put water, Dharma puts it on her, Subhrasi says to priest that start preparation for haven, i am doing this pooja for safety of Bindu and his whole family, priest says you will not eat or drink anything till havan is done and Bindu presence is necessary in havan, he leaves, Subhrasi ask Dharma to inform Bindu that he has to come in pooja, Dharma says i? she says i am giving all responsibility to you.
Charu makes fun of Havan, Helena comes there and says you are right, this time is not only to pray to God but what can we do, i am worrying about Bindu, after Dharma’s thing has come out, i am feeling bad about it, after many years love returned in his life and that too as betrayer, charu says dont show so much concern that i cant believe it, i know very well how much you care for him, till Justin was alive, i saw your love for Bindu, Helena says you love Sushim alot and want his good only, right? but this doesnt mean you do bad with Siamak or Durpat, i was in same position, charu says dont compare yourself with me, when was your concern when you were secretly talking to Raj and when i asked you, you insulted me and threw me out of room, remember? people may call you devi as what you did, no mother can do it but i still doubt that you didnt know about Justin’s plan, Helena says if i knew it then i would have stopped him and i got angry on you as i was afraid that you wanted to snatch peace from Justin’s life with your black magic, Charu says why would i do that? i had no problem with his marriage, Helena says you must have thought that Justin is getting support from Ujjain but your Sushim doesnt have any support, Charu says i didnt think like this, Helena says i misunderstood you, i am sorry, Charu is confused with her behavior, Helena starts crying, Charu says let bygones be bygones, we have to think how to avoid these situations, noor comes and says i have thought, she says i was finding you Helena, i wanted to talk to you alone, Charu says why in private? you can say openly, Helena says yes we are from one family so you can say, Noor says justin’s way was wrong but thinking was not, and i think that thinking can bring magdh out of problems now, Helena ask what is that thinking? Noor says we have to join ties of Magdh and Ujjain again, this animosity will go away, i have thought to ask Bindu to arrange marriage of Siamak and Ahenkara, Helena says he is very young, Noor says so what, this marriage will for political reasons, Helena ask are you doing this so that siamak get Ujjain’s support, Noor says not at all, i want safety of Magdh by my son, i want Helena to take this proposal to Bindu, Charu thinks Noor is clever, she want to secure Siamak’s future, Siamak has khurasani’s support from before and when Ujjain will be on his side then he will become powerful and rise in Bindu’s eyes too, i have to stop Helena, she says this cant happen, this is not possible, how can younger brother marry before elder? Helena says why? Bindu was also younger than Justin, Noor says Bindu married 4 times before Justin so why cant it happen now? Charu says Sushim loves Ahenkara, how can Siamak snatch his love? Noor says only siamak will marry her, Helena ask them to not fight, she sys if Sushim and Ahenkara loves each other then their marriage is good, i dont want family to be broken, Charu says its decided Ahenkara will marry Sushim, i will talk to Bindu today, Noor leaves, Charu thinks i made Noor lose today, Helena smirks.
Khurasan’s soldier comes in Champanagri, he ask about incident happened 14 years back, man says one old lady knows about it, she is blind and forget things, soldier ask address, man tells him, soldier recalls how khurasan asked him to kill Ashok. Ashok reaches Champanagri too, he says why so much peace here? he comes in old lady’s room and is stunned to see something.

PRECAP- Ashok ask Blind lady to tell him how will i find her? what happened 14 years back, lady says they came with bid swords to her house, she was pregnant at that time, they wanted to kill her and her unborn child, she ran and hided her in house, Khurasan’s soldier comes there and attacks Ashok with arrow.

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