Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 3rd February 2015 Written Update

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 3rd February 2015 Written Update by Atiba

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 3rd February 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Bindu sar is fine and comes out of house, he finds dupatrati saying to learners that we human are like this, we take out our anger, revenge by taking weapon in our hands but controlling your anger is difficult, forgiving, loving people is difficult but it is our duty to protect other people, Bindu Sar gets mesmerized by her beauty and smiles looking at her, he thinks about her words that people justify their revenge with weapons, he recalls how he was attacked.
Dupatrati comes in her house and doesnt find Bindusar there, she runs out to see him, he is by lake side, she comes there and says i was waiting for many days that you become fine, then i will ask you how all this happened, how you got attacked but you are leaving without even telling me, if you had asked me then i wouldnt have allowed you to go from here as you are not completely fine, bindu says i have to return, she says not in this state, dont you think your enemies must be finding you, Bindu says they got successful once but now i will.. dupatrati that if violence’s answer is violence then how will this violence end, Bindu says if you were in my position then you would know, she says i have no enemy, i have not bruise, i have no problem, wont you want to be in my position? he looks at her then away, she ask him to come with her and take rest, Bindu thinks how she saved his life, she says till you get fine completely, your safety is my duty, come with me, he ask who are you? why i feel incomplete after meeting you, why i feel your every word is true, when you talk about non violence then i think why people think girls are less, when you are near me i feel complete, you saved my life, she says i just did my duty, he says that your duty has given me new life, i dont know your name but for me you are Dharma, she looks at him stunned, he says you gave me life by taking me to your house, give me one more life by giving place in your life, in your heart, he extends his hand towards her, she looks at him tensed, she holds his hand and smile.. mera jivan ho tum plays…

Scene 2
Bindu and Dharma (dupatrati) gets married, they smile at each other. after marriage, on nuptial night, Bindu comes to dharma in room, she is shy, he looks at her, they share eyelock, tum rehna mere sada plays.. he says Dharma.. she blushes.
its morning, Bindu wakes up and smiles, Dharma is not there. mir khurasan comes to dharma’s house, he is about to go in but bindu comes out with holding a wood rod, khurasan is shocked to see him alive, he says you are alive? Bindu says arent you happy seeing me alive? khurasan says i promised Noor to bring you back and you are asking if i am happy or not, Bindu says i dont trust anyone now, khurasan says my son got died in this attack, my daughter without marriage became widow and you are asking me this question, come with me, whole magdh is waiting for you, its burning, and Noor is waiting for you too, Bindu says i cant marry your daughter, khurasan is shocked and says i can accept anything but not insult, if thats case then we will not help you in protecting magdh, what happened to you, why you will not marry Noor, why you are breaking your promise Samrat Bindu Sar, Dharma comes there and says Samrat bindu Sar?? she comes to bindu, khurasan ask who are you? she says servant of Samrat, Bindu says she is dharma, she saved my life and is my.. she sits in his feet and says i am lucky to serve you king, you are fine now, leave, your people, your state needs you, the promises which you have made, fulfill it, i protected your life, same way you protect magdh, go, Bindu looks at her last time and leaves with khurasan. bindu is going back and gets flashback that how Dharma asked him to fulfill his promises, bindu says i married you and this is truth, you are my wife, you are queen, your place is in palace, Dharma says the love which make your away from duties is not love, our love should be lucky for magdh, he says it will become lucky for magdh, i promise you that i will return to you after fulfilling my duties, Dharma says i dont need yru promise, i trust that you will return, they smile, he gifts her ring.

Scene 3
Justin is becoming king of magdh, guru says Justin is being made the new samrat of magdh, his orders will be final, justin smirks, Justin looks at throne, helena is about to make him wear the turban of king but khurasan comes there and says stop it, helena ask why? khurasan moves away, Bindu Sar comes there, all are stunned to see him, Bindu comes in royal court, helena and justin gives fake smile and says Samrat? helena pretends to be happy and says now magdh dont need anything, make announcement that Bindusar is fine, charumitra comes to him and says that seeing you fine, i believe in God more, i was sure that Sushim will not be orphan, all chants for Bindusar, Bindu Sar comes to Justin, Justin says i thought magdh lost everything but not, he hugs bindu, and grins his teeth, Justin moves away from throne, Bindusar takes his place on throne, helena makes him wear his turban, Helena says i was not able to accept that you were dead, i was believing that you are alive and with your return God made me happy, she what happened to magdh but now all will be fine, justin says but first we have to know who tried to kill Samrat bindu sar, they will given serious punishment to goons, priest Achari comes there, all greets him, achari says nothing will happen by giving punishment to goons, the enemy is one on whose order goons came to kill Bindusar, the one who attacked Samrat will tell truth only, he brings the killer of bindusar there, Bindu is angry on him, helena and Justin are in tension, Helena says he was attacker, achari says ask him truth, justin says he is betrayer, tell us on whose insistence you did this, who asked you to kill bindusar, killer says i dont know who is he, i didnt see hm ever, he used to cover his face when he met me, Achari says he must have given you money to kill king, killer says yes he made me lure with money, also he said that when new Samrat will be made, he will make me army chief of magdh, Justin says i will kill you right now, killer falls on ground, doctor checks him, helena says his life is important, he can make us lead to real enemy, do something, doctor says sorry to say, he has taken poison, doctor says this poison can kill anyone, helena says i know about this poison, it was same poison whose marks is on bindusar’ head, bindu looks at blue mark on his forehead, helena says the same poison was given to your mother when you were in her womb, bindu says my mother was given poison? Achari says this is not whole truth, helena says wasnt Durdhara (bindu’s mother) got killed by this poison and that poison you used to bring in palace only, isnt that truth? achari says yes that poison i used to bring, but truth is.. helena says you cannot reason out this truth, i cant forgive you for that, Achari says that its truth that i used to give poison to Samrat chandragupt in minor quantity and he knew about this too, but the reason for all that was to protect samrat chandragupt that if poison was given to him by enemy then it wont work on his body, but i dont know how that poison reached queen durdhara, the quantity she took of poison, it was possible to save her but that time bindusar was in her womb and we wanted to save bindu from poison, it was my duty to save the future of magdh, thats why queen durdhara’s belly was cut to take you out, bindu is hurt, he ask why you didnt tell me all this before? Achari says you are saying that i killed you mother, if you think like that then you can punish me, i am ready for death penalty too, as against this charge, i can only show you my work for magdh, my sacrifice and services for magdh, decision is yours only, Justin says he is right, do you still think that achari is not culprit, your decision will be final, helena says crime is crime and justice should be same for everyone, Bindu thinks, Achari says this tension doenst look good on Samrat, the state for which i served my whole life, and in same state, if my intentions are doubted then it shows that i have value in magdh, i would like to retire from palace, i maybe be away from palace but magdh cant go away from me, i will be wishful for magdh, and anytime if magdh needs me, i will return to magdh for sure, he leaves from there, Bindu sar sulks.

Scene 4
announcement is made that bindusar is alive, Samrat has to be calm, the one who will tell about enemy will get reward. one enemy comes there and kills announcer.
dharma’s father ask her to inform samrat, dharma says no, if he gets to know that i am pregnant with his child then he will leave his duties, he has promised me that he will come to me after doing his duties.
Dharma’s father is doing pooja, Dharma looks at ring bindu gifted her, she smiles seeing it, otherside Bindu drinks wine, tumse hi jevat hai song plays. Dharma recalls her marriage with him, how he promised her that he will return soon, she listens one horse’s noise and gets happy thinking its bindu sar but its not him, time passes by but Bindu doesnt return.
otherside BinduSar gets married to Noor. they come in room, Bindu recalls how he married dharma, he sits beside noor, Noor says my heart was stolen by you in that game only and today i want to lose my body to you, she lies, he comes closer to her and then recalls dharma, he gets away, Noor ask who is she whose thinking made you go away from me, Bindu says that one who made me realize my duties, who forced me to fulfill my promise towards magdh, i didnt tell about her to anyone, i wont be able to love you like i love her, i am sorry, Noor gets in tears, Bindu says i did this marriage for promise of khurasan, i have given my heart and body to her who saved me, after getting her i felt like complete, i will soon bring her here, she is very nice girl you will be happy to see her, Noor grins her teeth, and ask her name, bindu recalls how he gave her name Dharma, he says her name is dharma.
Noor comes out room crying, khurasan ask what happened? Noor says bindu loves dharma only and he will make her queen, he married her, khurasan says its impossible, he recalls how he met dharma, he says i can burn everything to ashes to stop your tears.

Scene 5
dharma is working in her house, when she find khurasan coming there, she says i knew that Bindu would call me, khurasan says he is Samrat, he spend night with you and you think you will become queen of magdh, she recalls her marriage with him and says what you are saying, he married me, i have his child in my womb, khurasan says he was afraid of this only os he has given me to finish you, dharma’s father comes there and says how dare you talk to her like this, khurasan throws him away and kills him, Dharma says father, she starts running from there, khurasan on horse runs behind her, dharma locks herself in house, she feels pain in her womb, khurasan ask his soldiers to burn her house, they start burning the house, inside dharma is feeling labor pain, khurasan leaves from there, dharma is screaming in pain, she prays to God to help her, lion comes there, she gives birth to ashoka. she says i got complete by getting you, you will be called Ashok.
tad ashok is shown,

PRECAP- Achari says magdh wants a maurya blood, a warrior who is decisive, do welfare, is powerful. Ashok says to his people that if you are from Greece or khurasani, i am your hope, came to me with your pain and get relieved, later he meets ashok and ask his name, ashok says i am Samrat ashok. later achari says to dupatrati that ashok’s fate is magdh’s respect, magdh’s throne, dupatrati says this is not his fate but evil side in his life and i will do everything to protect him from magdh’s throne. later ashok is finding dupatrati but doesnt find. dupatrati comes in palace of magdh to see ill bindu. ashok comes to palace and says tell achari ashok have come to take his mother. achari says t dupatrati that you have magdh’s future ashok in your hands. ashok run from soldiers and comes in palace, Achari says he has come, Samrat ashok.

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  1. Krsna
    February 03, 12:16 Reply

    COPY PASTING the comment from last review while assuming that you dint read it.

    Dear Atiba ! I applaud your efforts to give a perfect written update for the whole episode. But I can see that Ancient Indian History was certainly not your favourite subject in school. You have got so many names and facts wrong here. Let me just help you with these:

    1) It was King Chandragupta Maurya (you spelled it wrong) who founded the Mauryan Empire with the help of his mentor, Guru Chanakya. Bindusar was Chandragupta’s son from his chief Queen Durdhara.

    2) Chandragupta defeated Greek General Seleucus Nicator(you spelled the name wrong again) in a battle. After which Seleucus striked an alliance with Chandragupta by giving his daughter, Helena, in marriage to Chandragupta himself. That makes Helena the step mother of Bindusar.

    3) In Indian languages, Greece is referred to as Unaan and Greeks as Unaani. You have wrongly used the term Irani, which refers to people of Iran instead.

    4) My dear, it is not Achari, it is ‘Acharaya’. Acharaya is a Sanskrit term we use to refer to our teachers and mentors.

    5) The Brahmin who is introduced to us right in first scene is Chanakya himself. And Radhagupta is not servant of Chanakya. He was his student. In those days, students used to live with their teachers in Gurukuls. Since Chanakya was chief advisor of Mauryan Kingdom, his students lived with him in Magadha(today’s Bihar region-the place where Mauryan kings lived).

    6) And the other Brahmin who is conspiring against Bindusar along with Queen Helena is, Ahamatya. He served as chief minister in Bindusara’s Royal Court.

    7) Ashoka’s mother’s name is Subhadrangi, not Dupatrati.

    Well, that’s all…I guess ! I hope it helps you in your future reviews for this show. Feel free to ask if you have any other doubt, I can help with the history angle atleast ! 🙂

    Good luck and take care ! May God bless !

    • devi-low
      February 03, 14:13

      Thank you for your detailed update!!! Thank you Atiba also. Today’s episode was awesome!!!

    • riashah
      February 06, 03:15

      I agree wid u ..E 1 I was thinking why the updater is spelling Chanakya as achari.Bcoz achari means a cook .

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