Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 1st October 2012 Written Update

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Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 1st October 2012 Written Update .Tanya.

Ija wears a suraksha kabaj after chanting some mantra.She tells Aditi that she won’t be able to harm her and she will throw her out of the house.Aditi asks if its true and tells her to turn back as she is standing there.She tells Ija that she got afraid in the beginning when she can only hear her voice.She asks what will happen when she will be able to touch her and when she will bring the truth infront of everyone.She tells Ija that her end is nearing and she won’t be able to escape.Ija runs out of the room.Aditi tells she will see how long she escapes and she will fall in her own trap.She tells that the time is now for her barbaadi.Ija tells Mai that Aditi’s spirit is speaking with her.Mai tells that Aditi’s spirit can’t come near her as she is wearing the raksha kabaj.Ija tells Mai that whatever she promised will happen didn’t happen.Mai tells her to speak with respect.Ija tells that she won’t be able to do anything.Aditi comes in her room and tells Kabir that they are succeding in their plan and Ija and Mai are disagreeing with each other.Kabir says thanks to Aditi and she did her work.Ginni is telling something to Mama and Mami.Rani comes there and asks what are they doing?Mama tells that they are playing games.Rani asks what will they eat for breakfast and she needs her help for making breakfast.Mami goes with Rani.Ija is thinking what Mai said.Ija tells that she needs to do something till sunset.Everyone is at the dining table.Kabir,Ginni,Mama and Mami signals each other and Mami starts shouting saying she is thirsty.Mama thinks that she is over acting.Mami tells that she heard Aditi’s voice ordering her to make chocolate milkshake for Ginni.Ija gets afraid.Mami notices that and asks why is she afraid?Ija goes from there.She goes to her room and tells Mai whatever happened.She tells that she was a fool to have listened to her.She walks out of the room angrily.Mai tells that she needs to meet her Guruji and will have to know how to get rid of Aditi.Mami calls Mama and tells him to begin his work.
Mama in disguise knocks and Rani goes to receive him.Mama tells he is a property broker and Rani takes him inside.Kabir comes there.Ija comes there and asks what he wants to say.He tells that he wants to speak to the owner of this house who is double aged.Rani and Kabir tells that he must have come ot meet Mai.Kabir gives Mai’s description and he tells that he came to meet her.
He tells that he gave Mai 25 lakh rupees and Mai signed the papers.Kabir asks Ija if Mai informed her that she is going to sell their ancestral home.Ija tells that Mai didn’t inform her anything.
*****Episode Ends*****

Precap : Mai is doing some jadu-tona and Ginni feels uneasy.Aditi asks what happened to her?

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