Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 20th September 2012 Written Update

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Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 20th September 2012 Written Update by swethasyam08

Kabir n SA talk to each other through Ginny. SA asks Ginny to lie that SA didn’t see the face of the murderer. Kabir promises her to find the culprit soon.

Ginny asks why didn’t she allow her to say abt Ija n co to Kabir. SA says he didn’t believe at first n its imp. to get proof against them first. SA alerts her to be careful during day time n take care of Kabir n herself n Ginny promises.

Next morning, Dr. arrives n Ija informs Kabir that he is here to treat Ginny n also informed Dr. reg. Puru. Kabir says its good she informed to Police but reg. Ginny he is confident that she is fine n she must believe him.

All the family members does pooja n then goes to breakfast. But Ija n team are lil worried n mama smells something fishy.

Kabir does pooja n searches for SA n SA says she is here. Kabir hopes he could hear her.

Mai suspects SA getting visible to Ginny soon n if it happens then she will become powerful. Mai spelling some words n says to Ija that soon she will get the spelled Rudraksh to her n SA can’t reach her. Mai says she has some plan to separate the trio.

Mai goes to Kabir n asks him to mix the ashes in the Ganges n he agrees. SA thinks it’s Ginny who is in trouble n tries to stop him but all in vain.

While having breakfast, Ginny sees that she is in danger n someone is going to kill her by pillow over her face. Rani asks why is she scared. Ginny goes n hugs Kabir. She was abt to say but Ija stops n diverts the topic. Ginny asks Kabir not to go.

Precap: Kabir pledges to reach to the culprit soon n Ija gets worried.

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