Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 26th September 2012 Written Update

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Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 26th September 2012 Written Update swethasyam08

Ija stops Kabir from giving complaint reg. the gold rudraksh mala. she informs that Ranveer is on the same task. Ranveer goes to meet Puru.

Ginny also says that she will go to school. On the way she takes Kabir to the same place where Ranveer went. Kabir was shocked to see Ranveer n Puru n their convo.

Puru says that he didn’t steal the rudraksh mala nor did he enter the house either. He says that he only entered twice – to kill Kabir n to meet him reg. Ginny’s kidnap. He failed to kidnap Ginny as Kabir reached the hospital. Ranveer thinks who can it be n sees the image of Kabir n Ginny n was shocked.

Ranveer goes to Kabir n Kabir confronts Ranveer. Ranveer wents his hatred near him. Kabir slaps him.

Ija worried abt Ranveer. Kabir n Ginny reaches home. Rani n all says that they are worried for them as Ginny didn’t go to school at all. Kabir was abt to talk to Ija but Lawyer comes n informs that Aditi has opened FD of 25crore on the name of Gattu, Jia n Pia. All were shocked. Lawyer says that he has to finish the formalities soon. Kabir too arranges the same amt on their name. He goes to his documents.

Ija n Mai thinks of securing their place. Kabir gives the documents n later he was abt to go to talk to Ija reg. Ranveer but SA asks Ginny to stop him. Ginny stops him n reveals the truth to Kabir abt Ija. It’s Ija who killed Aditi. Kabir was shocked.

Precap: Kabir promises SA that he will make Ija reveal the truth to herself.

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