Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 27th September 2012 Written Update

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Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 27th September 2012 Written Update by swethasyam08

Kabir gets to know all the truth through Ginny from SA from the start. He was shocked but determined to expose the Ija’s truth. He promises SA for that. Mama comes there n says that he heard but couldn’t believe. Kabir says that SA is here in btw. Ginny says abt Mama Mami being Veeru n Basanti on Kabir’s B’day then mama too believes that SA is there in btw them. Mama too supports them n decides to help them.

Ija worried for Ranveer n keeps on calling on his phone but it was near Kabir. Kabir says that Ranveer is in prison n he won’t talk to Ija till she reveals the truth. Ija goes to check for Ranveer n Kabir follows her.

Ija smells something fishy as Ranveer has switched off the phone. Kabir goes to Ija who was taken a back to see Kabir there. She says some excuses for which Kabir too talks to her cleverly n asks her to return home n he will follow her. Ija nods.

Precap: Kabir says that he could hear Aditi now.

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