Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 28th September 2012 Written Update

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Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 28th September 2012 Written Update by swethasyam08

Kabir n Ija reach home. Kabir talks to SA that and hopes he could listen to SA. Ginny was praying to Devi maa n places the rudraksh mala near her n prays that the effect of the mala won’t effect SA. As evidence of Devi maa, a flower falls on the mala. Ginny takes it n goes to Kabir n places the flower in his. He prays to god n hopes to talk to SA. A wonder happens that Kabir could listen to SA.

Ija was worried for Ranveer n wishes to get the mala first n Mai too says the same. Kabir n SA decides to break the trust of Ija on Mai. SA says the rudraksh mala will do the work as it has no more spells of Mai on that n it will give reverse effects on her thus breaking the trust.

Next day, Kabir handovers the mala to mama mami n explains the plan. Mami takes the lead. While having the breakfast, mami implements the plan n throws the mala in the plant pot n acts as if she got it in that. Ija was more excited than all n Kabir asks the same in satire way. Ija says its for welfare of family members.

Mai n Ija goes to their room n Mai checks if there are spells left over on it or not n asks Ija to wear the mala in the evening to see the effect. Ija agrees.

Precap: Ija thinks now SA can’t do anything. SA says she is wrong as now she will see what SA can do. Ija was confused. SA says she is just behind her. Ija was scared.

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