Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 4th October 2012 Written Update

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Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 4th October 2012 Written Update by swethasyam08

Ija drops off the knife. Rani in disguise of joker and Ija asks why did she come again and also asks her to go away. Rani moving her hands asking Ija to come near her. SA talking to her to come near her. Ija says she won’t come.

SA asks her to accept her sins. Ija says she didn’t do anything. Kabir signals mami n she goes to Ija n asks to whom is she talking? Ija shows the joker n says that Aditi in joker dress. Mami pretends to see no one there n asks where n she couldn’t see anyone there. Ija asks why can’t she see when she is just in front of her.

SA talking while Rani moving towards Ija. SA says that Ija killed Inspector Dushyant, then Abhinav n then her (Aditi). Ija says she didn’t kill anyone n Aditi is lying. SA says she will kill in the same way as Ija killed her. Kabir too comes to her n pretends to see none. Ija says she is dhamkaofying her to kill her in same manner as she killed Aditi. All were shocked n Ija comes to senses.

Ija goes towards the knife where she dropped n she says she hired a person to kill Dushyant, she wanted to kill Kabir but Aditi got killed. But she won’t let Aditi to win n she will her again n was abt to push the knife on Rani but Kabir saves her. Rani removes her mask. Ija was shocked.

Kabir asks why did she do all this? If she asked him, he could have given everything to her n left with his wife n daughter. Ija lost her mental balance already n she keeps on saying that she won’t let Aditi win n was abt to kill herself. But they stop her. She sits on the floor scared, and says next morning she will take Ranveer n leaves that place.

Kabir gives the proof against Ija to Police n he inturn asks Ija to get Psychiatric help first. Ranveer too was sent to jail n his case will start soon. Kabir bids the police who arrested Ija.

Mama n Mami too says they too must leave now. He realizes his mistakes. Kabir says they are the elders of the house n he wishes them to stay with them. Rani takes their belongings to their room.

SA says now she is relieved and wants to take a leave. Ginny says she can’t be without her. SA says she too can’t but when ever she feels to see her, just listen to her heart she will speak through her heart. Kabir says he is not sure how he will be without her. If Ginny was not there, he too would have accompanied her.

A White beam of light comes to take SA. Ginny goes to Devi maa n wishes to see Aditi n hug her. Miracle happens n they both could see SA. Ginny goes n hug SA. Later Kabir too. They all promise to be happy n take care of eachother. Thus Aditi’s spirit bids good bye to them. Kabir n Ginny were left with tears…

***The END***

Good Bye Chhal Sheh Aur Maat

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  1. jyothi
    October 06, 15:56 Reply

    really heart touching ending,better than dragging to end the story here they did the rightone

  2. Jhanvi_Riddhima
    October 05, 13:28 Reply

    It would have better if devi maa do some magic n bless aditi with her life

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