Chand Jalne Laga 21st November 2023 Written Update

Chand Jalne Laga 21st November 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Chand Jalne Laga 21st November 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tara asking Deva if he is her Deva? Deva says ji Tara Memsaheb, I am Deva, ghode wala. Tara smiles. She says I knew it, I know that you are my Deva. Deva asks if you had known then why you didn’t ask me before and asks if she had forgotten him. Tara says Deva is in my breath and I can’t forget him. She says I don’t know what I am saying, and asks if we are going to die, then who will take care of Baba. Deva says nothing will happen to you, your Deva is with you. Badshah comes back and tries to break the door. Tara applies tape to his hand. He asks why you are worried for me. She says we shall care for the ones who care for us, my Deva has taught me this. Deva asks when you remember Deva’s all sayings then why you didn’t search him. Tara says I searched him everywhere, and would have brought him back giving my life, but he left from this world, because of me. She tells him that she did what her baba asked her to do. She says I was 8 years old, I wanted to save my Deva, and I said what my baba asked me to say, as I thought it was right for my Deva. She says Baba asked me something for the first time.

A fb is shown, Balraj tells Tara that Deva’s life is in danger and says all the villagers said that he lit the fire. Tara says he didn’t lit the fire as he was with me. Balraj says I know, and tells that the villagers are angry and will kill him. He says Deva will be fine in Police station, and promises her that he will bring Deva back. She says later she came to know that Raunaq bhaiyya had burnt the crackers, because of which fire was lighted. She says baba made me lie and everything change with my lie. She says baba knew that Deva was innocent. She says then we came to know that Deva died as the juvenile home building had collapsed and Deva died under it. Deva says I used to ask God to give me death and says it seems he will die today. Tara says we met today and will die today itself. Deva says he didn’t hear his name since years, and today he wants to hear from her mouth. Tara calls him Deva. Deva says it seems that I am hearing after many years. He says you are my reason to live and not to die, and says it is destiny that when he got the reason to live, he is getting death. Tara says don’t say this Deva, you will be here with me. She asks him to say. Deva asks why life is such, we turn our ways. Tara says so that two persons can unite. Deva wishes that they stay together happily always and hugs her.

Deva imagines dancing with Tara…Tum kya mile song plays….Badshah is still trying to open the door. Deva gets up and crawls to go to the door. Tara opens her eyes. Shiv bhajan/ Song plays…..Deva says your deva will not let anything happens to you. Ananya and Vasant kaka are bringing ambulance and hospital staff there. Deva says Mahadev and hits on the door. The door opens up. Ananya and the hospital staff get inside. Ananya runs to Tara, while Vasant kaka runs to Deva. They cover them and take them out for the immediate treatment. They are put on the oxygen support in the ice factory itself. Chand jalne laga plays….Deva removes his oxygen mask and asks Vasant kaka about Tara. Vasant kaka shows him Tara on the other bed. Tara opens her eyes. Ananya says di……Tara looks at Deva.

Precap: Tara and Deva thank each other for saving. She finds out that Mr. Malik is Deva and goes to him, calls him Deva.

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