Chandragupta Maurya 13th August 2019 Written Update

Chandragupta Maurya 13th August 2019 Written Update by MA

Chandragupta Maurya 13th August 2019 Written Episode

Tarini drives her horse into jungle under rain and makes Pandu follow her. She shouts for help acting as her house getting out of control. Pandu think if something happens to her, Dhananand will trouble them all. He rushes towards Tarini when Chandragupta waiting for him with Chankaya and Sthul throws wooden log on him and he falls down into a trap where Chandragupta has laid a trap for him. Chandragupta walks to him and says he fell in trap so easily. Pandu pleads to spare him. Chandragupta says they will if he takes them to Dhananand’s gold mine in his chariot. Pandu takes them to gold mines hidden in his chariot.

Tarini returns to place and asks maids if Dhananand asked about him. She returns to her room and doesn’t find Dhananand there, thinks where he must have

gone at night, if he found out about their plan. Pandu enters Dhananand’s gold mine when Dhananand himself reaches there and says Chandragupta is killing all his brothers and breaking his pillars of support, so he came to check if Pandu is safe. Pandu thanks him for his concern and says only him and Keyvravath are alive now. Dhananand insists to check his chariot. Sthul gets tensed hiding inside Pandu’s chariot. Pandu says he if he checks his chariot, miner workers will think king does not respect or trust his brother. Keyvavrath enters and informs Dhananand that he captured Chandragupta’s vish kanya at river bank. Dhananand leaves with Keyvavrath.
Dhananand returns to palace and walking to Tarini says he found a traitor and will kill her for betraying. Tarini gets tensed. Dhananand shows vishkanya who pleads to spare her and says she will reveal Chandragupta’s secret. Tarini gets more tensed hearing that. Vishkanya wastes Dhananand’s time and says Chandragupta will soon dethrone him and take his revenge. Kevyavrath angrily tries to behead her when Dhananand stops him and asks him to use his conscience, vishkanya got herself caught and is trying to keep them busy here and misguiding him. Vishkanya says Chandragupta would have finished his task and sadly she would not be alive to see Dhananand’s shocked face. Tarini thinks vishkanya sacrificed her life for Chandragupta and knew what was she doing.

Chandragupta with Chanakya and Sthul gets out of chariot. Pandu pleads to spare him as he kept his promise. Chandragupta says he cannot escape from here alive and asks Chanakya if he can use his sword. Chanakya says as his student orders and pulls sword from his stick. Pandu shouts betrayal. Chandragupta with Chanakya and Sthul fights with Magadh soldiers and kills them. He warns Pandu that he betrayed them earlier and Dhoomketu died because of him, today he will take revenge by killing him. He takes Pandu to cliff and throws him in fire pit. Sthul shouts Chandragupta took Dhoomketu’s revenge and paid tribute to him.

Chanakya Niti: Sword and an administrator have one thing is common, just like a sword should have strong grip an administrator should have a knowledgeable guide to guide him properly.

Precap: Chandragupta hoists Piplivan flag on Dhananand’s gold mine and addresses mine workers that from today they will see a new ray of hope in their lives.

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