Chandragupta Maurya 15th August 2019 Written Update

Chandragupta Maurya 15th August 2019 Written Update by MA

Chandragupta Maurya 15th August 2019 Written Episode

Chandragupta with his team attacks Dhananand’s soldiers at river bank. Dhananand reaches there. Chandragupta alerts soldiers. Chanakya syas let us leave from here. Chandragupta says their target Dhananand is in front of them and they can easily win. Chanakya asks to do as he says and takes them all along. Magadh soldiers praise Dhananand says enemy got afraid of him and escaped. Dhananand says he cannot accept his victory as his enemy will fight till his last breath and will not escape like a coward. Chandragupta back to his place asks Chanakya to explain why he made their army run away like coward. Chanakya reminds about war between king Puru and king Sikandar where Sikandar’s army refused to cross Jhelum river as many of them would have died trying to cross it. Similarly

Magadh is surrounded by rivers on 3 sides and hilly mountain barrier on 1 side, many of their soldiers would have died trying to cross barriers. Durdhara says Guruji is right. Chanakya says now Dhananand will be busy strengthening security around river bank and they will attack Magadh. Dhananand does same.
Dhananand returns to palace and extracts gold from stone. He asks Tarini if she is thinking why he is busy extracting gold from stone whole night, his sister Durdhara wanted him to prepare gold ornaments for her during rakshabandan and he started doing this since then for next rakshabandhan. Durdhara also emotionally tells Chandragupta how Dhananand started extracting gold from stone to make her jewelry as a gift for next rakshabandhan. Dhanaannd tells Tarini that tilchatta/Chandragupta snatched both his sister and gold mine, but he is sure soon his sister will return to him.

Kevyavrath threatens pandit to inform where Chandragupta has kept Amartya. Pandit says he doesn’t know but heard a few Magadh soldiers’ dead bodies were found and queen Tarini had helped Chandragupta. Kevyavrath says he has to inform Dhananand about Tarini’s betrayal but with proof, else Dhananand will kill him. Dhananand prepares gold bangle for Durdhara and asks Tarini if is thinking how can he be so calm instead of planning to attack Chandragupta, that is because his friend who is Chandragupta’s enemy is arriving to attack Chandragupta. Tarini thinks it must be Seleucus for sure and sends message to Chandragupta.

Chandragupta tries to console emotional Durdhara when Sthul enters and warns Chandragupta to dare not make his sister cry on rakshabandhan and asks Durdhara if Chandragupta is troubling her, her brother will not spare him. Durdhara smiles. Sthul says now he is relaxed and asks Durdhara to tie rakhi on his hand soon. She does happily and he gifts her a bangle and promises to protect her whole life. Chandragupta gets Tarini’s letter stating Seleucus is coming. Chandragupta says it would be difficult to both enemies and they need to get ready beforehand.

Precap: Tarini waits for vishkanyas and when guards stop them warns guards and takes viskhanya along. Dhananand walks towards her.

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