Chandragupta Maurya 19th August 2019 Written Update

Chandragupta Maurya 19th August 2019 Written Update by MA

Chandragupta Maurya 19th August 2019 Written Episode

Chandragupta with his team returns to Piplivan and finds his soldiers dead and questions one dying soldier if Keyravrath came and freed Amartya. Soldier nods yes. Chandragupta asks they went in which direction. Soldier points direction and dies. Keyravrath with Amartya speeds chariot to escape and hearing horse sounds realizes Chandragupta returned with his team. Amartya says they will go in different direction. Chandragupta reaches them. Amartya injures his shoulder, and he warns Amartya to move aside as he cannot fight with him. Amartya attacks him and he counterattacks. Keyravrath attacks him next and he easily overpowers Keyravrath and locking Amartya’s foot with sword and warns him to submit himself. Amartya says never. Keyravrath tries to stab Chandragupta from behind, but

he holds Keyravrath’s hand slits his throat, killing him. Durdhara with team reaches. Chandragupta says it was unintentional. Durdhara says Keyravrath deserved this. Amartya escapes and thinks he will inform Tarini’s truth to Dhananand.
Durdhara tells Chandragupta if Amartya reaches Dhananand and informs about Tarini’s betrayal, Tarini would be in trouble, so they need to save her somehow. Chandragupta says Tarini would be reetuurning with Vishkanyas would be returning anytime. Vishkanyas return and inform that Tarini told she will stay in Dhananand’s palace for some more time. In Dhananand’s place, Tarini tells Dhananand that vishkanyas could reach here so easily. Dhananand says he is missing Amartya for his advice. Tarini collapses. Dhananand calls vaidyas who treat Tarini. He warns Vaidya if something happens to Tarini, he will not spare them. Soldiers bring Keyravrath’s dead body and inform that Chandragupta’s soldiers dropped Keyravrath’s dead body outside palace. Dhanananand reads Chandragupta’s letter that he is sending Dhananand’s last brother’s dead body. Dhanananand breaks down and cries holding Tarini saying he lost everyone and only she is left now.

Amartya escapes hides in jungle. Chandragupta’s soldiers search him, he kills one horse rider and escapes in horse shouting he will expose Tarini’s truth to Dhananand. Soldier informs Dhananand that Chandragupta and Chanakya have waged war against Magadh. Dhananand orders to get army ready instead of searching for Amartya and tells unconscious Tarini that he is going for a war and as promised he will not kill Chandragupta and Chanakya. Once he leaves, Tarini opens eyes.

Dhanand prays at his mother’s grave and takes oath to end Dhananand’s cruelty. Tarini does his tilak and he says he will end Dhananand’s cruel rule soon.

Chanakya Niti: If a mirror is cleaned repeatedly, one can watch image clearly, but if it is smeared with black ash, one cannot see face; similarly one has to keep their behavior well with their friends and business partners, they will get back what they throw at others.

Precap: Dhananand shows royal ring to Tarini, and Tarini says this ring is worn by his brothers. Dhananand says it is Pandugati’s and it would have fallen in Tarini’s mother’s hut when Tarini killed him.

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