Chandragupta Maurya 21st August 2019 Written Update

Chandragupta Maurya 21st August 2019 Written Update by MA

Chandragupta Maurya 21st August 2019 Written Episode

Tarini continues confronting Dhananand that his greed took away all his dear ones from him and soon even he will be killed due to his greed. Dhananand says no scholar was ready to teach him, he earned this kingdom himself and he can go to any extent to protect it. Tarini says he himself is the reason for his end, gives him sword saying she knows he wants to kill her, so he can kill her. He throws away sword and when she turns he stabs her from another sword saying she taught him to divert traitor’s attention and then pierce sword across his/her body. Tarini falls down and says before leaving she wants to reveal a secret which he should not, she was carrying his heir in her womb. Dhananand is amazed to hear that and says she didn’t have right to hide this truth. Tarini passes

away. Dhananand lies her down and reaches battlefield and provokes Chandragupta to fight with a long speech.
Chandragupta addresses Dhananand that he and acharya Chanakya are standing her as they learnt from their past, but Dhananand didn’t learn anything from his past and is standing here nervously fearing of losing his crown. Chanakya warns Dhananand to mend his ways before he is killed. Amartya warns to mind his tongue. Dhananand says nobody will help them as all janpad king are under his fear. Chandragupta calls Avanti Janpad king with his army and Malayketu’s army aand asks Dhananand to look at them. Durdhara says as a sister, she is warning her brother to back off and save his life. Dhananand asks if she is afraid to lose her husband, he promises to gift her tilchatta/Chandragupta’s head. Chandragupta asks Sthul to take away Durdhara from there.

Chandragupta jumps from his horse, picks mud from ground and wiping it on his forehead chants Bharath Jayatu. Chanakya chants Piplivan’s slogan. Dhananand orders his army to attack. Battle starts. Chanakya asks Sthul to head towards river bank and wait till other janpad kings come for their support. Dhananand sees other janpad kings joining Chandragupta.

Seleucus sharpens his sword in his tent. His army chief Demetrius asks why don’t he go and help his friend Dhananand. Dhananand says he is not ruling Macedonia just like that, he knows whom to help and when to attack, he befriended Dhananand to enter Bharath, let Chandragupta defeat Dhanananand and kill him, he will defeat Chandragupta and takeover Bharth and even take revenge from Chandragupta.

Chanakya Niti: A person makes many relationships in life, but he/she needs to know which relationship is helpful and which one is harmful; if they feed milk to snake for years, it will only spill poison even then; if they befriend a traitor, they will be in trouble in the future for sure, so they should choose a friend a person carefully and give their precious time only to a faithful person.

Precap: Dhananand throws spearhead towards Chandragupta.
Chanakya alerts him.

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