Chandragupta Maurya 27th August 2019 Written Update

Chandragupta Maurya 27th August 2019 Written Update by MA

Chandragupta Maurya 27th August 2019 Written Episode

Amartya is brought to Chandragupta’s royal court supported by guards severely injured. Chandragupta asks what happened to him. Amartya says Dhananand couldn’t tolerate his defeat and vented out his anger on him, he wants to live his remaining life in his motherland if Chandragupta permits. Chandragupta asks Sthul to call vaidya. Chanakya warns Chandragupta that it may be their plan. Chandragupta says he just now took oath to take care of citizens and will work for their betterment. Amartya reminisces Dhananand stabbing him and telling this will get him entry into Chandragupta’s palace and he can kill Chandragupta. Chanakya senses his wicked idea. Dhananand’s aide informs him that Amartya reached Chandragupta’s palace. Dhananand throws dagger on him


shows Durdhara her old room. She gets excited seeing it. Chandragupta says their story started from here and she was confined in her own place as she supported him, now it is time to give her the happiness she deserves. Durdhara asks if he wants her to continue her painting, asks him to close his eyes, and draws a cradle. He asks why she drew cradle. She emotionally holds her stomach and says Maurya clans’s heir is coming soon. He also gets emotional and hugs her. She reminisces Dhananand challenging that he has his child’s blood smeared on his hand and will make sure all his enemies die, hopes they all see a life without any problems again.
At night, Chandragupta and Durdhara are sound asleep when Amartya walks in holding knife and attacks Chandragupta, but Chandragupta swiftly wakes up and kicks him down. Chanakya and Sthul enter with soldiers and captivate Amartya. Chandragupta says his guru taught him in childhood itself how a king should be alert even in sleep. Chanakya says it is not easy to kill their king. Sthul asks Chandragupta to kill Amartya. Chandragupta says he will spare him so that he learns a lesson and know what defeat is throughout his life. He frees Amartya. Amartya meets Dhananand and informs what Chandragupta told. Dhananand says he is a napit nand/barber and will not accept defeat from a kshatriya, his next step with amaze Chandragupta and his team. They both reach Seleucus and reminds him of their treaty of help in exchange of soldiers. Seleucus says he doesn’t remember any treaty as they broke their promise already. Dhananand says he will get him entry into Bharath if he supports him with army to defeat Chandragupta.

Chanakya tells Durdhara, Sthul, and Chandragupta that Dhananand and Amartya must have met Seleucus and must have sought his help, Chandragupta’s life is in danger and they need to tighten security around him, he will sleep in different room each day and only 4 of them will know his location. He continues that Dhananand and Selecus with their huge armies will attack them and it is not easy to face them, so they need to act carefully. Chandragupta says let us see what their agreement will bring.

Chanakya Niti: Rain drops fall on soil and spread pleasant smell, but if rain drops fall at once due to thunderstorm, they can bring flood; similarly in life if they don’t respect a person’s kindness and simplicity, same person can become reason for their end.

Precap: Seleucus tells Dhananand that Macedonian king doesn’t need any defeated king’s support, he will enter Bharath and enslave enslave himself.

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