Chandragupta Maurya 28th August 2019 Written Update

Chandragupta Maurya 28th August 2019 Written Update by MA

Chandragupta Maurya 28th August 2019 Written Episode

Seleucus tells Dhananand that if his plan was right, Chandragupta would not have defeated him and won his dyanasty, Macedonian king doesn’t need a lost king’s support to enter Bharath and defeat Chandragupta. Dhananand walks away with Amarty says Seleucus will send his army support soon. Amartya says his spies are spying Chandragupta. Chandragupta with Durdhara reaches his parents’ graves and reminisces Mura before dying seeking his promise to keep Maurya dynasty’s pride alive always. He tells his parents that they came to take blessings for their future heir. Durdhara says she brought vatavriskha seed to sow near them, while tree grows, even their dynasty will grow. Chandragupta says his parents will be proud of his future clan and sows seeds. Soldiers protecting

them fall dead. They see enemies rushing towards them and attacking soldiers. Chandragupta asks Sthul to take Mura to palace soon while he handles enemies. Sthul rushes Durdhara in cart while some soldiers rush towards them and Chandragupta kills remaining on the other side. Durdhara shoots arrows on enemies saying her brother would captivate her but never kill her, these must be Amartya’s sent enemies. A soldier informs Chandragupta that enemies are follow Durdharas cart. Chandragupta orders him to inform Chanakya to send army. He kills remaining enemies and rushes on his horse towards Durdhara’s cart. Durdhara’s cart gets stuck in pit. Sthul lifts it and asks her to go while he stops enemies. Durdhara resists. He asks to think of her baby. She rides chariot away. Sthul fights with enmeies while they injure him brutally. He sees Chandragupta’s horse and says their end is coming and nobody can be escaped. One of them stabs him from behind, he stabs back enemy and kills him. Chanakya reaches there before Chandragupta and runs towards Sthul.
Dhananand with Amartya hiding in jungle reminisces Chanakya’s words that soon he will kick him out of thrown and get a new king in his place, Tarini’s confrontation that his cruelty and wrong thinking will kill him once, Chandragupta defeating him and kicking him out of Magadh, Seleucus insulting him, etc. He fumes that Chandragupta didn’t do right and he will take revenge soon.

Seleucus fails to hunt a cheetah and says he was following cheetah since years and missed him just by a few feet. He orders whoever brings him that cheetah, he will reward them 1 lakh ashrafi/gold coins. His daughter enters with dead cheetah and says he can give that reward to her. Seleucus gets happy seeing his daughter Helena and says only she can defeat her father.

Chandragupta performs Sthul’s last rights reminiscing the time spent with him. Durdhara also cries reminiscing Sthul considering as his sister and promising to protect her till his last breath. Voiceover says even after reaching destiny is losing his dear ones because of Dhananand’s repeated backstabbing.

Chanakya Niti: If one has seen fisherman picking net after finishing fishing; even if he finds a big fish, he will not throw net again in water as he fears of losing all the caught fishes in greed; similarly one should not get too greedy to lose what they already got.

Precap: Dhananand threatens Seleucus to give him army support, else he will see his daughter’s dead body like cheetah’s.

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