Chandrakanta 15th April 2018 Written Update

Chandrakanta 15th April 2018 Written Update by H_Hasan

Chandrakanta 15th April 2018 Written Episode

Chandrakantha thinks she won’t let Iravathi destroy Vishnu temple. Iravathi is in the palace. Chandrakantha thinks she has to do something before Rakshak yog starts, thinks Tej and Umang shall find out about the mark secret. She writes on the paper and gives to pigeon. She thinks there is less time for evening. Tej and Umang are at Aghori’s place. Umang says if they will tell us story, or kill us. Tej asks him to be silent. Umang reads Chandrakanta’s message and says this is the same sign. Tej says Chandrakanta wants to see and hear everything. Aghori tells them that the story started when they were too small. Chandrakantha feels pain in her hand and thinks Tej and Umang want to talk to me. She gets invisible after wearing magical blanket. Gehna turns to her. She sees Aghori telling

Umang and Tej, the story, and thinks why did Umang took my avatar. Aghori tells about Ratnaprabha and Iravathi and says this is how magical world started, magical Guru taught them magical tricks.
Guru teaches Ratnaprabha and Iravathi, but the latter couldn’t learn. Ratnaprabha becomes Vijay garh’s maharani, and other is Iravathi, who practiced black magic and was sent to jungle as she was cursed. Iravathi questions Guru ji and asks why did he give tilismi knife to Ratna. She does heavy tap using black magic to come out of the jungle trap. Hirnasur comes there. Iravathi asks him to free him from curse and jungle. Hirnasur asks what you will do if I free you and asks her to prove. Iravathi agrees. Hirnasur agrees and asks her to kill her Guru. She kills Guru and tells Hirnasur that she wants tilismi knife and to get that, she wants it back. She says she will go to Vijag garh and will make Raja Jai Singh mad about her.

Hirnasur says Raja Jai singh is married to Ratna prabha and the tilismi knife is kept in the Vishnu temple and the heir is Ratna Prabha, whom you can’t even touch. He says it is easy to kill Guru, but difficult to kill strangers. He challenges her. Iravathi asks why? Hirnasur asks her to search the way. Iravathi thought the way and chose Veer to reach inside. Hirnasur tells Chandrakantha that she can kill Veer’s mother and takes her place in the palace. They see Raja Surendra singh talking to Veer. She makes earth quake like situation, and kills Surendra’s wife and made him handicapped. He thought she saved his son and asks her to ask anything. She says she wants to give upbringing to Veer and for this Surendra singh got married to her.

Aghori tells that Hirnasur told Chandrakantha that he wants to give her gift and thinks she is the one. He gives his baby to her in her womb using magical powers, and says now my baby will be the heir. Chandrakantha sees it in mirror and thinks so Swayam is Hirnasur’s son and thinks if he becomes heir then he will destroy everything. Tej says so hirnasur is the real father of Swayam. He asks why Narsimha can’t kill Swayam. Aghoris says I told what I knew. Chandrakantha sees Swayam coming to her and thinks so this is the Suraksha Kavaj given by his father. She says Narsimha will not leave you. Swayam says I will kill your husband right infront of your eyes. Chandrakantha says your end is near. Swayam says your husband’s defeat made you mad. Chandrakantha says I can see your death and thinks once kawaj comes out of his head, then Veer can kill him. He grips her hairs and takes her out.

Iravathi asks Soldiers to bring the accused. Veer is brought while he is chained. Swayam asks if he don’t feel ashamed to shield himself by a woman, and asks him to roar. He says now you will not roar and says this tiger has become a cat. He calls him unmanly, and says he can’t save village, Vishnu ji selected him to kill me…and asks Soldiers to remove his chains, and says he will give him a chance to kill him and then says no. he says I have brought a gift for you in red dress before killing you. Veer sees Chandrakantha brought by the soldiers, in bridal dress. Swayam asks if you don’t like the gift.

Chandrakanta thinks don’t lose Veer, you have to fight and win and end evil. You are Narsimha, Vishnu’s avatar and Swayam’s death. Her reflection tells him that Swayam’s defeat is in his head. Swayam asks Soldiers to take him. Iravathi says today Vishnu will be killed by my son, nobody will take his name or do his Pooja, from now onwards People will do my Pooja. Villagers worry for Veer. Chandrakanta prays to Vishnu ji. Swayam hits Veer. Veer falls down. Iravathi says time has come for his end. Swayam says just few breathe is left now, which will end soon. He laughs aloud. Veer opens his eyes and hits him. He says it seems you got injured and says you called me unmanly and tells that Chandrakantha is his reflection and love, and says his heart beat is because of Chandrakantha. He says he is alive in her and she is alive in him. He says you used to call him Chanda, and says she is eclipse in your life. He says don’t need any kawach to kill you and calls him pujari of lust.

Swayam says you need Chandrakantha, but I don’t know any woman to rule on this whole world. Veer says you can’t kill even an ant and says you thought to kill me using crown, but you can’t kill me and asks him to hide in Iravathi’s lap. He says I don’t need any kavach to kill you. Veer removes his dress. Swayam removes his hirnasur crown/kavach. Iravathi thinks what did you do Swayam. Veer takes Narsimha’s avatar. Iravathi thinks she can’t do anything now. They begin fighting. Chandrakantha looks on. Veer roars and kills Swayam. Iravathi asks Swayam to open his eyes. Bhadrama tells Gehna that God Vishnu came and killed this devil. Chandrakantha tells Iravathi that she has fulfilled her promise and killed her sin. Iravathi walks towards Veer, but Chandrakantha makes her fall far and says you have taken enough lives, and not anymore. She asks Soldiers to keep her in captivity. Iravathi prays for the tilismi knife. She gets it and escapes/vanishes with Swayam’s body. Veer runs from there.

Chandrakantha searches for Veer and comes to him. She tells him that Narsimha has killed Hirnasur and says you are the real rakshak, evil lost and truth has won. Villagers applaud for Veer and says Jai…Veer gets up and says this is not truth. Chandrakantha says why you are saying this? Veer says Iravathi, my mother is still alive and is the root of evilness, she has escaped and we can’t win until she is caught. Chandrakantha says we will catch her too and asks her to celebrate with people. She feels baby kicks and tells this to Veer. Veer says one more chand in my life and says he is very happy, says victory was impossible without you. Chandrakantha says they shall celebrate their victory and be happy. She asks him not to go behind Iravathi and waste his time. They hug each other.

Iravathi takes Swayam somewhere and cares for him. She thinks this world will not end with your death, and says new story will begin and determines to kill Chandrakantha, Veer and their supporters. She says they will repent, she will punish them all. She says I will not leave you Chandrakantha and will make your soul shake. She says lightning will fall on my son today, and asks evil God to burn her son. Crows are shown making sound. Swayam’s body is burnt by evil powers. Iravathi cries.

Chandrakanta and Veer start afresh. Iravathi decides to make her new team and swears not to leave Chandrakantha.

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