Chashni 26th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 26th March 2023 Written Update by Amena

Chashni 26th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jogi calling Sumer. Sumer says that problem is Chandni, right. Some time back, Raunaq says we are trying to call a specialist. Roshni scolds the nurse. Nani says anything can happen to Chandni, I will sign the form. Raunaq says give her some time. Nirbhay stops her and says I called a surgeon from Delhi for Chandni, trust me Roshni. Roshni asks him to get out. Raunaq says Chandni is fighting for her life, try to understand, listen to Nirbhay once. Nirbhay says the surgeon agreed to take Chandni’s case, he is my friend’s uncle. Doctor says he is an expensive surgeon, his fees is in lakhs. Raunaq says I will pay the bill, don’t worry. Doctor says do it fast, Chandni doesn’t have much time.

Roshni meets Chandni. Chandni cries and says I heard what the doctor was saying. Roshni encourages her. She says Nirbhay and Raunaq will get the doctor. Chandni gets unstable. Roshni shouts and calls the doctor. Doctor treats Chandni and sends them out. He says we don’t have much time. Manav says Nirbhay and Raunaq will get the doctor. Doctor says it won’t be our responsibility if anything happens to her. Dadi says prepare for the operation. She signs the form. Chandni is taken to the OT for arm amputation. Everyone cries. Nirbhay and Raunaq get Dr. Shetty. Manav says Chandni is in OT. Dr. Shetty rushes and treats Chandni.

Roshni comes to see Chandni. She cries. Chandni says I m okay. Everyone meets her. Nurse asks for a family members’ signature. Roshni goes and signs the form. Nirbhay apologizes to her. She says I can never forget this day. Raunaq comes and sees Chandni. He says doctor said Chandni’s arm is fine, she will get normal soon. They all cry happily. Dadi thanks him. Raunaq hugs Dadi and Nani. Everyone thank Raunaq. Raunaq says I had to do this, this hand saves thousand lives, I can’t let anything happen to you. Roshni says I can’t forgive you, just go. Nirbhay leaves. She cries and goes to Chandni.

Police comes with Nirbhay. Inspector says we arrested Raj and Jogi, but they got the bail. Manav asks how is this possible. Raunaq says their dad can’t save them for more days. The man argues with Sumer’s men. Sumer comes there and argues with the man. He threatens the man. He shows a newspaper and says you will commit suicide and make your golden land a stone. The man asks why will I commit suicide. Sumer says suicide is for the world, the reason will be something else. His men aim the gun at the man. Sumer says meeting you is time waste for me. The man apologizes and begs him. He says I will name this property to you, right away. He signs the papers.

Roshni comes to the pub and sees Nirbhay drinking. She sees a gun in his hand. He says I will go and shoot Raj and Jogi. She stops him. They argue. He hugs her and cries. He says I can’t hurt you, you are my life. She says I can’t live in fear, its better we get separated. He asks what. He asks her to stop. She runs away and cries. He sits crying. Jogi and Raj get Sumer’s call. Sumer asks how is work going on there. Raj says its going good. Jogi says sorry for delay, the work will be done, small problems coming. Sumer says that problem’s name is Chandni, you had gone to jail, its my turn to handle this. He leaves for Amritsar. Raj and Jogi worry. Raj says Sumer is coming to Amritsar, its impossible to hide anything from him. Sumer thinks Chandni, see you soon.

Chandni says if Roshni is happy with you, then I will give you a chance. Nirbhay. Chandni gives a rose to Raunaq. Raunaq gets revengeful and says you will yearn to die, I will make you cry so much.

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