Choti Sarrdaarni 12th June 2021 Written Update

Choti Sarrdaarni 12th June 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Choti Sarrdaarni 12th June 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sarab is worried, he hugs Meher. Meher gives him water. Sarab says I am sorry for what tai ji did. Meher says she’s our elder. He says but she shouldn’t have slapped you. I should go and talk to her. Meher says we don’t have to. Everything will be okay. Meher says it will only increase the method. They are here after 25 years. Their blessings are important for us.

Daar ji says you did so wrong. Can’t we stay here happily? Amrit says I want to but these DILs don’t let us. He says you should go and apologise. You shouldn’t have slapped her. She says you want me to apologize to her? He says yes you’re wrong. He says these girls are very clever. Don’t you remember what she did. Daar ji says everyone is not the same. Meher ke pt everything of my brother safe. Take this glasses of doubts off your eyes and see how good Meher is.

Meher says if she slapped you would you feel bad? Are we different? she’s like a mother. Let’s get over it. We have to hide another thing. I’m really scared. Sarab says what? He says she asked about mummy ji. Should we tell them? Sarab says I will handle it. I will talk to bitu and rana.

Daar ji says fid you see the manners she gave to the kids. You slapped her and she didn’t even say a word. Tai ji says she did this. She added almonds in my halwa. Daar ji says enough.

Scene 2
Kulwnat throws the pillow and says I don’t need it. Warden says how will you see? She says my son and lawyer are coming. I will leave this place. Meher and Sarab thought they can lock me up forever? No one can handle me. I’ll ruin everything once I am out.

Scene 3
Meher asks Daar ji can I come in? He says yes, meher says this is a very good doctor. Let him check your knees. He checks the knees and why are they like this? Daar ji says I use hot pack. He says you should use ice pack. Tai ji says now this doctor will speak her tongue. Daar ji says I will use ice pack. He gives meds. Tai ji asks Meher to leave. Meher says I wanted something, she says you want bakshish in return? Daar ji says what do you want? Meher says I was 5 when I lost my dad. When I came here there were no elders. I never saw Sarab’s dad. When you came here I felt like my daddy ji is here, give me a chance to serve you. I want to cook for you. Meher says please give me this chance. He gives her a paper and says it has all mu favorite things. Careful with spices. Meher says thank you so much. Everything will be perfect. Meher leaves. Amrit says didn’t you trust her so fast? daar ji says she’s worth it. We couldn’t give our family necklace to our DIL but Meher deserves it. She says I will decide who deserves it.

Meher calls Sarab and says please get Daar ji’s medicines. Harleen says thank you for cooking Meher. I was so tired of cooking.

Scene 4
Sarab comes to Kulwant’s place.

The kids come to Daar ji’s room. Seher says mama has asked us to serve you. Massage your legs and shoulders. He saus this is the real fun of being grandfather. He says Param and Karan will massage my legs and Sehr my shoulders. He says Sarab used to serve me like this. Be powerful with your hands.

Sarab requests Bitu and Rana to come and meet Daar ji without mentioning Kulwant. They say will but get Kulwant out on bail. Once she’s out we will come there.

The kids massage Daar ji’s feet. Karan shows he got a massager. They ask Daar ji to lay on the best and massage his feet using the massager. He gets very happy and asks Amrit to give them pocket money. Amrit gives them pocket money. The kids are happy. Seher says 500 for them and 100 for me? She says girls shouldn’t get much money. Seher says I am the princess of this house. She gives her one hundred more and says this is enough for girls. Seher says this is wrong. I will also get 500. Amrit leaves. Sehrr says mama says if we see something wrong we should fix it. Girls are boys are equal. She picks 300 more from her purse. She says now we are equal. Amrit sees it. She says these are Meher’s manners? Seher you are gone.

Precap – Karan tells Amrit Meher mama was in jail for many days. Amrit calls everyone in the hall and says I want to say something.

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