Code Red 31st July 2015 Written Update

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Code Red 31st July 2015 Written Update by Pooja

Code Red 31st July 2015 Written Episode

Lucknow, 2006:
A man is walking in an old house. He walks inside a room where a young girl is tied. He makes a video of her. The girl begs him to let her go. I will do whatever you will ask me to. I have broken my parents’ trust. I have committed a heinous crime for which I should be given a death sentence. I am a sinner. God wont forgive me ever! The man records the video. The girl requests him to let her go but he produces an iron stick. Blood falls on the floor.

Who’s the killer?

Lucknow, 2006:
People have gathered around a tree where Malti Devi is sitting. She is in meditation so everyone including the reporters waits for her to come out of it. She tells them that there will be bloodshed again. There will be another death of a young girl in the coming 15 days. One man watches her keenly. Reporter asks for more info but she hasn’t seen anything more. Reporter reports the news. There have been 7 deaths so far in the last year and now there has been another prediction. Malti Devi’s words have always come true. Such people are called psychic in foreign countries.

Police team reaches forest area with Malti Devi. She sees the same house in her vision and what had happened to that girl. She guides the police team. They finally find the body of that girl. There is a cassette next to the body.

The same reporter Arjun Awasthi tries to ask police team about the case but gets no reply. Police knows that the tape must be carrying a confession like always. Inspector Sunidhi thanks Malti Devi for her help. The same guy is present there in a disguise (of a villager). Malti Devi is praised by the media for her predictions.

Lal Ganj Police Station:
Inspector Sunidhi concludes that all the cases were pre planned. The killer is very smart. He is giving us an open challenge. The girls were unmarried but s*xually active. Inspector Sunidhi is sure someone is trying to give them a message. The girls are from schools or colleges. Tighten the security and question anyone whom you find suspicious.

A guy drops his girlfriend to her home. She is waving her hand at her boyfriend when she is kidnapped.

The killer heads back to the same room where he has kept the girl. The killer slaps her and shows her a video of her roaming around coolly with her boyfriend. She begs to let go. I dint do anything. The killer bangs her head at the pole where he has tied her. She gets unconscious.

The guy (with so many disguises) has a proper room in which he has gathered all the info on the girls who have been targeted so far. It is the same man who was seen around Malti Devi and the crime zone. He has kept some wigs in his room too.

Arjun pesters police for news / lead. They are worried about the ninth victim. Inspector Sunidhi is sure they will nab the killer this time. Arjun hopes that it happens that ways only or the girl wont be spared.

The girl accepts her mistake. I got in a physical relationship with someone before my marriage. I accept that I am characterless. I don’t deserve to live. The girl gets killed.

Police finds the dead body. Arjun reports the news. A video tape was found from next to the dead body and she was covered with a dupatta. The guy too watches the news.

The killer makes a video of two school going kids (Pragya and Rahul).

Inspector Sunidhi is going somewhere with her daughter Sunidhi. She meets Malti Devi. She next sends her daughter to the bookshop. Inspector Sunidhi tells Malti Devi to be careful. Someone is watching your every move. You must take care of yourself. The same guy is shooting everything in his camera.

The guy follows Malti Devi. He is in the disguise of a Muslim man today.

Pragya has been kidnapped. She is tied to the pole and cries to be released.

3 days later:
Pragya still has not been found. Inspector Sunidhi meets Malti Devi. We have got no clue so far. Please help me. Malti Devi offers her water. I can only see what God wants me to. I might see something but you will have to wait for a while. Inspector Sunidhi gets a call. Her team has got info on the hideout. Malti Devi goes to drop her outside. The guy enters inside Malti Devi’s house.

At the hideout, police checks the detailed info layouts and photos on the wall. Inspector Sunidhi notices Malti Devi’s photo. Her life is in danger. She tries calling Malti Devi’s number but no one is picking up. She notices that guy wearing boots and heading towards that place. Police team hides. The guy walks in and police surrounds him. Inspector Sunidhi questions him but he explains that he himself is looking for Pragya. I was earlier in army. Now I am a private investigator. I am not the killer. Maybe the one you are trusting blindly is the killer. He shows them a tape in which Malti Devi’s voice can be heard. She talks about how she doesn’t like it when people go against the age old society norms. The guy tells them that he found this tape at Malti Devi’s house only. Inspector Sunidhi leaves for Malti Devi’s house.

Malti Devi took a wrong path to reinforce her beliefs on the society and its people.

Pragya cries for her mom. Malti Devi comes there. Your mom was crying in a similar manner. She was begging me just like this to help her find her daughter. I felt pity for her but she has no idea that her own daughter is characterless. You have lost yourself for physical pleasures. I will purify you or end your story. Your freedom is in your penitence. Accept it that you are characterless and you had a physical relation with that guy. Pragya asks her why is she doing this to her. Malti Devi agrees to tell her everything.

I was a teacher once. I used to teach my students about Indian history and Indian culture. I was proud of them. My husband had passed away. I had a 5 year old kid (Munna). He was my world, my everything.

4 years ago, 2002:
Malti Devi had to go out for some work. She gave responsibility of Munna to her 18 year old niece. The niece’s boyfriend comes. Munna proposes to play hide and seek. He goes and lies down in a trunk. The cover gets closed on its own. He keeps shouting for help but his cousin sister is busy making out with her boyfriend. Malti Devi returns home. She is angry to see her niece thus. Her boyfriend leaves. Malti Devi asks about Munna. They both start looking for her but in vain.

Present: We looked everywhere but couldn’t find him. He was found 3 days later in a trunk.

Malti Devi breaks down after finding her son’s dead body.

My Munna was dead.

Inspector Sunidhi reaches Malti’s house with her team. They search every corner of the house.

Just because my niece was busy getting physical with her boyfriend, I lost my son. I killed her!

One of the Inspector finds a trunk full of dupattas.

Malti says I left school then. It was of no use. No study will help us now. We will have to cut it from the roots. I started my work.

Inspector shows the dupatta to Inspector Sunidhi. She recognizes it to be the same which they have found on all the dead bodies so far. Alert the police. Search every house. She is about to go out too when she hears Pragya’s voice coming out from behind a bookshelf.

Malti wants to teach all the girls how to carry themselves in the society. I have decided to teach a lesson to girls like you. Inspector Sunidhi removes the books and shelf along with her team’s help. They go in. Malti talks about covering all the shameless girls with the dupatta. She is about to hit Pragya but Inspector Sunidhi and her team reach there on time. Inspector Sunidhi comforts her daughter. Malti tells her against it. Your daughter has sinned. Inspector Sunidhi scolds her and arrests her.

Malti is the example of how low a human mind can stoop to. But in the end, good always wins.

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