D3 Dil Dosti Dance 23rd September 2014 Written Update

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D3 Dil Dosti Dance 23rd September 2014 Written Update by Sona

D3 Dil Dosti Dance 23rd September 2014 Written Episode

Rey comes to Sharon. He says that he knows she doesn’t like losing, but she is happy for her. She says she isn’t interesting in her congratulation, and is with Huma. She says that he thinks that she is responsible for poching Karma. Rey says that they are about to be graduated, and takes Sharon. She tells Swayam that Rey brought here forcefully. Swayam says that he didn’t call her. She says that he was doing the patch-work of Huma’s dress. He explains her outfit would have malfunctioned. Sharon says that she isn’t angry with him, but with her mom. She says that he wont blame her, but all the others. Rey calls them, they complain that Sharon didn’t hug them even. They celebrate. They ask about Kriya, he says she is fine, they take a selfie to send to Kriya.

Ishika comes to Raghav in rehearsal hall. He tells her to go from here, she says Ouch, her hand hurts. He comes to her, she laughs. He says that was she acting. She asks is he the only one to act? He says he can’t do anything, not even dance. She says she looked for his expressions, they were marvelous. Dadu and Dida come looking for him. Dadu says that someone else took the prize. Raghv suggests they must go home.
Rey comes to the academy, and has the flashback of all the hardwork. He says to Swayam that he is proud of him. Swayam says that it has always been because of him. Swayam tells him that he was missing his positive attitude, but notices Rey is lost. He says he is thinking how Sharon must be treating her mom.

Sharon comes home, Avantika asks where was she, she has been waiting for her. Avantika comes to her, and says that she couldn’t think about the consequences of losing and she was dating Swayam. Sharon says she was celebrating Swayam’s success and Rey’s performance. Avantika asks how could you do that? Sharon asks how could she bribe Karma.

Swayam says that she picking the phone, he asks about Kriya. Rey says she is fine and forced him to be here.

Sharon asks her mom, can she do anything for win. Avantika asks her not to be over-dramatic. Sharon says she is tired of listening that they are going to be bankrupt. She says that actually she is morally bankrupt. Avantika says that in this house, she cant shout at her. Sharon says she couldn’t give her a better advice.
Swayam tells Rey about the schedule, and heads to leave. Rey asks him to stay here for some more time. As Rey leaves, Huma enters the academy. She fells down. Rey asks what is she doing so late. Huma asks him to stay here tonight, as she doesn’t have the courage to go home; she cant face her parents. She had promised them to win the best dancer. Rey says she might win the next time. Huma says she only took the time for two weeks, and she lost; and along with her her father also lost his promise. Rey says she won’t stay here, and will go home and tells the truth to her parents. She heads to drop her.

Swayam gets Avantika’s call, she tells him that Sharon has left home. She asks has Sharon come to his home, as she has called all her friends. Swayam denies her being here. Avantika was depressed.

Huma comes with Rey, and asks him to go inside first. She opens the door, and is shocked to see Karma. Her parents hug her, that they knew she will win. They asks why she returned home, straight? Karma says that they were celebrating their victory. Karma gives her parents the prize money, and leaves. Rey takes Huma to a side, and says that at the right time they deserve to know about the truth, but they are too happy for it now.

Swayam tries Sharon’s number. The bell rings and Sharon comes in. She tells him she left the house forever. Swayam takes her inside, and says that he must tell her mother. She says he won’t tell her. He tries to convince her that she must return home after staying here for some time. She say if he doesn’t want her to live here, she would find another place but cannot forgive her mom. He assures her that this is also her house, but what will people think. She is annoyed that he is concerned about what others would say. He says that he will make green tea for them, and sends her to get fresh as stress isn’t good for her asthma. She hugs him, he hugs her back. She says thank you so much. He says I am always there, she says thank you for being there. She goes inside, while Swayam thinks what to do next.


PRECAP: Sharon tells Swayam that she wants to know what will be the next step of their relationship. Bharat asks Rey about Kriya’s exams, and her return. Rey is worried, and speechless. <br

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  1. dp
    September 24, 08:18 Reply

    wow! next step in swarons relationship means i hope deir engagement or sumthng…..wow….im so excited…dt wud be just awesum!!! 😀

  2. Amrita
    September 23, 13:39 Reply

    Eager to see the love story of huma karma and raghav ishika

  3. YoYo
    September 23, 13:29 Reply

    m just eager to see huma thanking karma .nd its obvious that they r gonna fall in love.. 🙂 lots of cheeers frm yoyo!!! this show rocks!

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