Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi 5th February 2024 Written Update

Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi 5th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi 5th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Satya seeing Eklavya saying Arya. Arya runs inside the house. Eklavya’s dad takes him. Arya shouts to Ankush and Baba. She hides under the bed. She says I will hide here until Ankush and Baba come home. Bela and Baba find Zai in the garden. Zai cries and says no one loves me, Arya had let me win the competition because of you. Bela stops her. Zai says Eklavya told me about this. Baba says Arya knew that she will go away from here. Zai says even then she did this on Bela’s saying. Baba asks Bela did you ask Arya to lose, what did you do.

Ankush is on the way. Arya says Ankush will come soon. Baba worries for Arya. Satya comes to Arya and scares her. She shouts leave me. He asks her to come out. Ankush comes home and calls out Arya. Satya hides with her.

Ankush gets a call. He doesn’t see Satya. Arya shouts for help. Satya takes her in the car. Ankush cries and thinks of Arya. Baba comes and asks where is Arya. Arya says leave me, let me go. Satya asks her to shut up. Baba says Satya is doing child trafficking, he was going to send her abroad, don’t know where is she. Ankush says calm down, tell me, what’s going on. He asks Bela to say what happened. She cries.

She says I didn’t know all this would happen, Arya lost because I asked her to lose. Ankush asks why. Baba asks Zai to come with him. Ankush asks why Bela. She says I did this for Zai. He asks how can you do this. She says its because of you, Zai cried for you, you were not with her, but with Arya. He says I wasn’t wrong, I m not wrong even now, I was tired telling you to listen to me, you are misunderstanding, I was running after you, you didn’t understand my hint, our relation is of many years, I wanted to trust me and give me time, it was a secret which I couldn’t tell you, you didn’t trust me. She says you cheated me and our marriage. He says I didn’t cheat you. She says you said Arya is a Rajwadkar. He says yes, but she is Satya’s daughter. She is shocked. Satya asks why are you a girl, why not a boy. Ankush says this was the secret I was trying to tell you, Arya is Satya and Damini’s daughter, I had kept her with me to hide her identity, don’t know where is she, just because you felt if Zai loses this competition, then what will happen with Zai, Satya and Kasturi fooled you, they are provoking you, you know me, would dad let me do wrong, you couldn’t trust me, I asked you to trust me and give me some time. Bela recalls Ankush’s words.

She says I m sorry, Ankush, I made a mistake. Ankush says Satya is a murderer, he killed Damini and I couldn’t do anything, Damini lost her life because of me, and maybe today Arya will die because of you. She says nothing will happen to her. He says you don’t know how it feels to live with guilt, I feel guilty of Damini’s death, if anything happens to Arya, then I won’t forgive you. She says we will go and get her. He gets Satya’s call. He answers the call on speaker. He scolds Satya.

He says you did wrong with Arya and other kids, I will never forgive you, I have all the proofs against you. Satya asks what will you do, when I killed Damini, what did you do, you and police didn’t get any proof against me, I will send the kids away, police won’t do anything. Bela is shocked. Satya says keep that aside, now you are going to hear something. He asks Arya to talk. Arya asks Ankush to save her. Ankush asks where are you. Satya laughs. Ankush says leave my daughter, nothing should happen to her. Satya asks what, she is my daughter. Ankush is shocked.

Satya says I will give you an offer, will you die for her. Ankush asks where shall I come. Jaanrao asks Satya to leave Arya. He shows the video. Arya shouts.

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