Dekha Ek Khwaab 18th July 2012 Written Update

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Dekha Ek Khwaab 18th July 2012 Written Update by princess_farh

JN K/L K/L talk about how all these hot girls will be coming to Uday’s party. JN says so Uday wants all the girls to be all over him, and fight over him. Hmm, that’s fine, I will go to the party too and make it clear to all of them, that I have the first right over Uday. Only mine. JN smiles and snaps her fingers. M M is thinking about Komals words about how some wounds are so deep that only prayers and medicine are not necessary, love is. There is one easy way to get Uday’s forgiveness, to remind this Uday of that Uday who was always at your side. Same line repeats in M’s head. M says I will have to go to UV’s party. M goes to her closet and looks at her clothes and sees the makeover outfit. She smiles. JN K/L JN is going thru her outfits, picking something to wear.She picks a pink outfit and smiles. M M takes out her makeover outfit and smiles. She fb to when Uday says Princess, try this last dress. M says arre vah, you had such a great dress, why didn’t you show me this dress first?! UV says/ jokes Princess if I showed this outfit first, then how could I do the nightmare photo session? M smiles and fb to when Uday pulled up her zipper. M smiles. She fb to when Uday says this is how you wear the dupatta, like a rajkumari, not like you as if you are picking up a flag and going off to war. M smiles and says Yuvraj UV Singh, yaadon ki baraat nikli hai aaj dil ke dware ([wedding] procession of memories is coming out today from the doorstep of heart) and this yaadon ki baraat (wedding procession of memories) is coming straight to your party to liven it up. Haan nai toh! JN JN is getting ready for the party with makeup/ accessories/dress. JN is ready. M/VB M is also shown to be ready in her makeover outfit, she fb to her memories of the party with Uday. M says now I will see Uday, how you turn away from me at the party and smiles. VB enters and says hmm, to fight the war, the big guns are being brought out. M says I don’t have any of those plans VB, but yes, I do have those memories that are more powerful than some sword or weapon. VB says of course M Bhai, the real war is not the one done in an arena, the one that is fought with the mind. VB says I know Uday since childhood, there was a time when every night there was some girl with him and when he played polo matches, man oh man, there were 1000s of girls to see him. It felt like it was not a race course but a girl’s college, (M”s face is falling when she hears all this) but you know what when you came into his life, Uday is not that Uday anymore. M turns and looks at VB shocked. VB nods and says in his life, he had one goal, to get you. It may be that things have changed right now, but you know what, you never forget that you are the only girl that Uday has truly felt something for. M smiles happily and turns to mirror and says VB whenever you talk to me, you always know how to make me feel good, hearing your talks, I feel like I am a fairy. VB says of course, if you consider herself a fairy, then everyone will think of you as a fairy. Its a very simple thing, respect yourself, then the whole world will be forced to respect you, I tell you! M smiles and hugs VB and then leaves the room. VB then smiles to himself. Party UV is being asked by the media how he feels about getting the award for bachelor of the year, how does he feel? UV says well, how should I feel in the midst of such beautiful girls? Thats how I feel and he laughs. Someone else asks Uday, do you believe in love at first sight? Uday says absolutely, for example, my eyes fell upon all these beautiful girls and I fell in love. Love is a very beautiful feeling and I believe that love should always be spread out. Media says thank you, and says people here is UV Singh who was just about to be married, but did not and now has one the bachelor of the year award and seeing him in this avatar, all the girls in the country and the world have breathed a sigh of relief that thank god UV is still single! JN-M & Media Media asks Rajkumari JN, UV Singh has won bachelor of the year award, so have you come to take this title away and come here in hopes to be married to him? JN says I am a rajkumari, a rajkumari does not do all this, she has this done for her. IN fact you guys should all ask this to Uday and she is about say more, but then shee sees M coming downstairs and then JN says now if you will excuse me…media runs after her, but JN ignores and goes upto where M is going downstairs. JN says greetings Jiji while the media takes pictures. M looks annoyed JN says did you forget your pooja ki thal? JN says well you see prayers happen in a mandir not here. M says satsang? JN says looking at your clothes it seems like you will look a lot better with elderly women, not here at this party. JN then says come on girls and leaves. Media then asks you were once engaged to Uday and now Uday is given the bachelor of the year award, how are you feeling? M says no comments. Media then asks Manyata ji, haven’t you come here to trap Uday in your love ploys have you? M says look, pyar is no trap, its a gift, that God only gives to lucky individuals, to make fun of such a sacred relation, it would not be okay. You people are such huge journalists, on such huge channels, I don’t have to explain all this to you? Media than backs off and then M continues to speak to the media with ease while M looks around for Uday. Party Bachna Ae Haseeno song starts with Uday doing his dance with all the girls and M getting jealous. M fbs to her dance with Uday. Back to Uday dancing with all the girls all over him. Song is done and JN grabs Uday’s hand and UV turns around and JN smiles at Uday, Uday shakes his head in question to JN. JN says Uday, I think you need to dance properly because if you keep dancing with these girls, then you will lose faith in your ownself. UV smirks and says oh come JN, all these girls are not that bad. JN says its possible they are not that bad, but they are not up to your standards either. You must know that right? UV smiles and JN says right now you were dancing with your fans, but now dance with your equal of a Princess? UV looks at JN, and then smirks JN says music and the music starts. JN and Uday start to dance. THe instrumental of TUm Jo Mil Gaye Ho Starts playing in the BG. M is upset. VB stands next to M looking worried at her and then says the third wheel is dancing with the the first wheel and the second wheel is standing/watching this all. M says VB, all these girls are all flocking around Uday, will he even look at me?? VB says Manyata, Manyata, my foolish M Bhai Manyata. Uday is doing this on purpose to show you his value to you! In fact he is waiting for the time that you will go to him, don’t you see that this is all a farce, don’t you get it!! M confused. VB says before we both become old, go up to him and dance with him, come on! Uday is then shown looking at M. Unnati comes in and says Manyata, what are you doing here, all the girls in this entire world have danced with my brother, and you are standing here watching? Unnati says Manyata, just hesitating and standing here, nothing will happen. Dada has done so much for you without any hesitation or questions. Now its your turn, and Unnati smiles/nods at M. M and Uday continue to look at each other. M is scared and VB says just g o and nods at her. M looks at Unnati, and Unnati puts her hand on M”s shoulder and M looks at Uday who is looking at her waiting. M looks at him and closes her eyes and opens her eyes and looks at Uday (hope coming into his eyes) and M breathes in and out. Uday looks at M in her makeover outfit and fb to the party where they danced together. Uday is slightly smiling while M approaches him, both in an eyelock/trance. She slowly walks to Uday in her trance, while another fb to their dance is shown. He dances with JN but both are fbing to their dance together while M smiles. Uday who is still looking at M then twirls JN but accidentally steps on her foot. JN yells ouch! M snaps out of it, while VB/UNnati/K/L shocked to see that Uday stepped on JN’s foot and JN looks at Uday who is still looking at M. M is a little shocked and smiles and Uday is still looking at M. JN looks at both of them, not liking what she is seeing. JN then puts her hand on Uday’s shoulder, UV snaps a bit out of it, while JN says its okay Uday, so Jungle Queen is here so you got disturbed while Uday continues to look at M. M looks down. JN continues saying it happens, when people hurt us, you can’t even stand to see their faces. M is annoyed and UV still looks at M. JN says don’t pay attention to her, come on lets dance UV nods at JN and both continue to dance. VB looks at Unnati in concern. M is upset but UV is dancing not so happily with JN and then he pulls JN’s arms off his. JN confused. M smiles. Uday then looks at M. Precap: Uday and M dancing to Aadha Ishq while JN is unhappy, VB is shown smiling, and UV-M in their own world.

Precap: None

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