Dev 6th August 2017 Written Update

Dev 6th August 2017 Written Update by Amena

Dev 6th August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with kidnapping calling Ankit to get ransom. Dev says I won’t come in night, police is guarding the house, wait till morning, we will get money to you in morning. The kidnapper agrees. Aanya cries. Dev feeds the cat and says there is something striking me, its someone from the house, Avnit is drug addict, Ankit has stolen jewelry. Awasthi comes to meet Dev and says you know who kidnapped Aanya. Dev says Ankit, anyways tell me why do you doubt on him. Awasthi says Ankit said that he has sold jewelry for Avnit, now he has give 70 lakhs, he has an affair, I got this from his pocket. Dev asks am I spy or you. Awasthi gives Meeri Devi card. Dev asks him to focus on Aanya’s return than spying on Ankit, did you talk to Navekar.

Navekar beats Vilas. Vilas says I don’t know
anything about the girl. Its morning, Dev comes to Ankit’s house. Awasthi keeps a gun. Pranali gets shocked. Awasthi goes. Dev sees Pranali. Duniya me…..plays….. Dev and Awasthi leave. Navekar follows them. Dev gets kidnapper’s call and says I will take Aanya first, we want her safe. He goes to the place and hears Aanya crying. Awasthi waits outside. Dev gets trapped. A man takes the bag from Awasthi. Awasthi tries to shoot. Navekar shoots but the goons flee/

Dev finds a way to break the door. He comes out. Navekar asks staff to trace the bag. Navekar says you lost money and girl too, trust such people more. Pranali asks what do you mean, they took Aanya and money too.

Navekar says this case is not small, I will be dealing everything. Dev says I have promised Pranali. Navekar taunts him that he has not fulfilled any relation in life. Dev leaves and thinks of his taunts. Dev goes home and recalls who could do this. He thinks of Awasthi’s words and sees Meeri Devi’s card.

Dev comes to meet Meera Devi. She sees him from window. Dev sees her doing dhyaan. She asks him what’s his problem. He asks what problems do you make away. She says I have solutions from all problems. He asks her to make him talk to his Mausi. He gives Zohra Apa’s photo and says she has kept locker keys somewhere, I want all her details, she is Meena Kumari. Ankit asks do you think I will kidnap my daughter. Navekar asks where did that money go then.

Navekar gets the bag and says we got this from your car dickey, tell me why did you do this, any affair? Meera Devi starts acting. She uses the switches to flicker lights and release smoke in the room. Dev looks at her. Meera talks to Dev as Meena Mausi. She says I don’t remember about locker keys. Dev says connection would be weak, we will dial again. He calls Zohra Apa and talks to her on video call. Meera gets shocked.

He says my Mausi is alive, do you know Ankit. She says yes, but….. He says I m detective Dev Anand, if you don’t tell me anything, I will expose you to police, Ankit is my client. Ankit says Meera is a tantric, she advises me, Meera gave me these locket and rings. She says yes, he calls me before every work, what are you doing. He checks Ankit’s file and says Aanya’s birthday is something else, how can this happen. She asks how can you take the file. He says you are using people’s helplessness, once Aanya gets saved, I will see you. She asks do you have heart or stone.

Pranali says Aanya wanted to become painter, everything is going wrong. Dev checks Aanya’s pics. Dev says my work won’t be easy till you hide truth, this is your and Ankit’s pic, you are not pregnant in this pic, what’s the truth, when was Aanya born. Pranali says we have adopted Aanya, we did not do this legally, her real parents needed money and were in hurry, I did not wish to lose Aanya. He asks where are her real parents. Pranali says Sushma made us meet them, they stay nearby. Dev says you should have not hidden this, do you have their address.

Dev meets Aanya’s real parents. He says someone kidnapped Aanya, is there someone who knows you gave Aanya to anyone. Aanya’s real mum says we had to sell Aanya as my husband wanted money. Aanya’s real dad acts good. Dev sees the wine bottles and scolds him. Dev leaves. He sees the crayon on the wall. He goes back to their house. He sees Aanya’s dad running. He sees the colors. Aanya’s mum attacks Dev. Dev stops her and asks where is Aanya. She says I don’t know, my husband took her.

Navekar beats Ankit and asks about Aanya. Dev calls her and says I got to know about Aanya, say please first. Navekar asks him to please say. Pranali comes and asks where is Aanya. Navekar says we will get Aanya, her dad has taken her, but their boss is someone else, her mum Usha said Ankit has made her do all this.

Pranali says this can’t happen, you are mistaken. Pranali meets Ankit. They cry. Dev looks at them. Awasthi says Ankit may confess his crime. Pranali says Ankit has raised Aanya more than me, my heart doesn’t say Ankit can do this. Dev checks Aanya’s room. Pranali says this is Aanya’s medicine, Ankit takes care of everything, why are you asking this. Dev says Aanya’s medicine was there also, it means I also feel Ankit is innocent.

Navekar says I won’t let you meet Ankit. Dev says you can do this for me. Navekar says fine, say please. Dev says please. Dev meets Usha and asks how much money was Ankit giving you. She says 20 lakhs, I don’t know anything. Dev asks who got the medicines home. She says Ankit, who else. He says your lie is caught, tell the truth. She says I was just asked to trap Ankit. Dev smiles.

Avnit says I will get medicines and goes. Awasthi asks Pranali to come with him, Suraj will accept her, once Suraj and she get married…. Pranali asks him to stop it. He gets kidnapper’s call. Awasthi leaves. He meets Aanya’s dad and scolds him for ruining his planning. He asks why did you call me here. Aanya’s dad says I did not call, I m hiding him. Awasthi asks who called me then. Dev comes and says its me. Dev recalls calling Awasthi. Dev says Usha told me everything, I was doubting Avnit, but I doubted you as you wanted to get Pranali remarried, you were clever, I called you so that you get me to Aanya. Awasthi shows the gun and smiles. Navekar comes and shoots at his hand. Awasthi runs. Navekar follows. Awasthi hits him on his head and runs. Dev points gun at Awasthi. Navekar shots, Dev shoot him, he will run. Dev recalls his wife. Dev’s hands shake. Navekar gets up and shoots Awasthi. He takes the gun from Dev’s hand. Dev sees Aanya and smiles. He asks her to come home. Awasthi says Pranali married this useless Ankit by rejecting Suraj. Ankit could not give her a child, so they adopted a girl, so I made this plan to kidnap Aanya, I wanted to blame Ankit, Pranali would have come back to me. Navekar says it would be failure of humanity. Pranali and Ankit hug Aanya and cry. Dev sees them and goes. Constable asks why did Dev not shoot, he could have become hero.

Dev reaches his home. Navekar says last time when he shot, his dear one was at his aim, world knows that Dev Anand who is a detective, I know that Dev Anand, who is a murderer, he has killed his wife. Dev enters his room. He talks to his wife Mahek and says I have fulfilled my promise to Pranali. She says good job, I had no doubt. He says sorry, the promise I made to you. She stops him and says I won’t come back if you regret, why did you shoot and kill me if you had to keep your promise. She disappears. He goes to graveyard and waters the plants. She asks why don’t you forget me. He says you are right, I could not keep my promise. Someone goes to a girl’s room. She shouts for Arjun and runs. Watchman is sleeping outside the building. The girl is killed.

Navekar taunts Dev. Both of them take Geeta’s case on hand. Dev deals with Mahek’s memories and past.

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