Dharam Patni 16th February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 16th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dharam Patni 16th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kavya taking her photos. Mandeep tells her that she is looking beautiful and tells that she wanted bahu like her always. She tells that you, Keerti, Nupur and Amaira are like my daughters, and says I will be your Saas. She says we always wanted to turn our friendship into relationship. She tells that Ravi is excited and told that first Kavya will see his face. Mandeep takes off her bad sight. Kavya gets happy. Adi tells Dipanshu that Ravi is not picking the call. Dipanshu says if we tell now, then we will be slapped 2-3 times, but if we tell later then he will be badly beaten. Dipanshu says time has come to tell the truth. Adi opens the door. Kavya asks what they are talking about? She says she didn’t know that he will love her so soon, and hugs him. She says bad perfume. Adi says it is mine. Kavya says since when you are using his perfume. She calls him motu and asks him to click their photo. He says she will see his face first like he wants, and tickles him.

Adi tells that Pandit ji told that inauspicious thing can happen if you see his face. Kavya says leave it, I don’t want to see. She kisses on his cheeks, and thinks his cheek is so rough, if he is Ravi or someone else. Adi asks her to go.

Pandit ji asks Hansa to call the groom and the bride. Pratiksha says she wanted Malhar ji to meet the friends. Parul teases her and tells that she felt Ravi was inside, instead of Malhar and asks her not to take her words seriously. Pratiksha says I want to go to Malhar ji’s room and see him.

Malhar says I will not leave you, that your sasur can’t save you. Ravi asks if you got this job due to recommendation, and tells that Pratiksha deserves useless person like her. Malhar shouts Ravi. Ravi hits him. Malhar shouts. He then holds Ravi. Pratiksha knocks on the door and asks Malhar if he is fine. Malhar says he is fine and will come down. Parul is upset that Ravi is not there. Pratiksha asks if she is mad to think that Ravi is here, and says if his life is ruined, then will he ruin mine also. Ravi acts as fainting and then attacks Malhar. Malhar asks what you want to do, you want to ruin Pratiksha, but she will be with me, and I know how to protect my wife. They have a fight. Ravi breaks the glass vase on his head and makes him faint and fall down.

Hansa asks Parul to call her jija. Kinjal goes to call Malhar. Hansa tells Parul that there are secrets hidden in you. Parul goes to call Malhar. Ravi finds Malhar unconscious and calls Adi, asking what to do. Adi asks why did you hit him. Parul calls Malhar. Ravi thinks what to do. Parul thinks if Ravi is inside. She thinks why is he not opening the door. Parul asks do you need any help. Ravi tries to make Malhar gain consciousness.

Dipanshu gets his girlfriend’s phone and tells Adi that he has to leave. Adi tries to stop him. Dipanshu says he doesn’t care and will leave, and Nupur sees him. Ravi thinks of Malhar’s words and thinks if he will marry her and take revenge, and thinks he can’t bear her all life. He thinks there shall be some other way to torture her, he can’t do this. The lady tells that two people will meet who belong to different world. She says Mata Rani will come and make the jodis.

Episode ends.

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