Dharam Patni 16th January 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 16th January 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dharam Patni 16th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prateik coming to Pratiksha and asks her to have curd and sugar. Prateik says nobody can stop you in jail when you are innocent. Pratiksha has lost her hopes. Prateik says even Malhar is with us, he will not let anything happen to you. Lady constable comes there and asks her to come with her. Pratiksha asks Prateik if she will be proved innocent. He says when you haven’t done any crime, then why you are worried. Pratiksha is brought to the court by Police. Ravi looks at her angrily. Kavya comes infront of her and says let the court decide. Ravi says I will get peace when I give the same pain to her, which she gave to Keerti. Malhar prays to God to give him courage. The judge asks them to start the proceedings. Gulshan says I want to call Pratiksha to the witness box. Pratiksha is made to swear that she will not lie. Gulshan asks her if she knows Keerti. Pratiksha says yes, and tells that she had saved her, and they have met many times. Gulshan asks how is their relation, formal or of friendship. Pratiksha says neither of them. She says she had hugged her and may be her earring fell down then. Gulshan calls Kavya and hugs her. He says I hugged her, but her earring didn’t come out. Pratiksha tells that he didn’t kill her. Kinjal tries to defend her sister. Hansa asks her to be quiet. Pratiksha’s lawyer shows Gulshan’s pic with a woman. Gulshan gets angry and tells that he has no relation with this girl. Pratiksha’s lawyer tells that she is a simple girl who works as a school teacher.

Gulshan tells that they have found her earring in the accident spot. Malhar comes there and he brings the jewellery set. Hansa recalls Malhar coming and taking the jewellery set from her, saying it will not go out of PS and he will save Pratiksha using it. Prateik asks Hansa, how Malhar got this. Hansa says she didn’t know. Malhar gives necklace to the judge. Judge checks and asks Pratiksha if it is yours. The owner of the car is called. Tej Singh comes to the court room. He tells that after the function, he came to know that Pratiksha took the car. He says he had given car to Malhar. Gulshan calls him to the witness box. Malhar says I saw in the footage that Pratiksha was driving that car. Gulshan asks where was you? Malhar says I was sleeping at the back side of the car. Pratiksha thinks if I open my mouth, then something wrong might happen. Prateik asks Hansa what Malhar is doing. Hansa says truth will come out. Prateik argues. The judge asks the defence lawyer to say if he wants to say something. He says no. The judge says he will give the verdict on Monday. Dolly taunts Pratiksha. Hansa counter attacks her taunt. Dolly says she don’t talk to such woman and goes. Pratiksha tells Prateik that she is innocent. Prateik tells Hansa that he will find the real criminal and will get him punished.

Hansa thinks to handle Malhar. Ravi comes out with Gulshan. Constable asks for permission. Gulshan gives her. Pratiksha tells Gulshan that she is innocent. Gulshan says this case is mine, a father is standing infront of you and says Ravi is dying more than me. He asks Pratiksha to get saved from him and says I will not leave you. Ravi asks why did you do this Pratiksha? He says if you thought that I will believe you and says you didn’t leave me so that I can trust anyone. He says even your fiancé left you, as nobody wants to stay with guilty. He says I will make sure that you will get punishment on Monday, you will be pain in jail and then you will understand. The Police takes Pratiksha from there. Gulshan tells Manvi that he will get that girl punished. Kavya tells them that she will come home with Ravi. She sits in the car. Ravi says he will not be happy as they showed the proofs against that girl.

Precap: Partiksha is in jail. She says there is no hope left, may be this is my destiny. Chachu says to Malhar, I will find the real culprit and punish him. Ravi swears he won’t rest until he takes revenge from Kirti’s murderer.

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