Dharam Patni 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 22nd May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dharam Patni 22nd May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kavya challenges Pratiksha that she will celebrate her honeymoon with Ravi and will send their intimacy photos to her. Pratiksha says she can’t, as her hotel booking might be cancelled by now, as she is late. Kavya says they will still celebrate and will send her intimacy pics. She throws the photo and tells Ravi that they will not go back home, but will go to other resort. She asks a biker who tells that the resort is 30 mins away from here. She says we shall go there. Kinjal appreciates Pratiksha for spoiling their honeymoon and tells Parul. Pratiksha says she doesn’t care for his past and says she is his present, and his relation with Kavya is illegitimate. Kinjal says seeing you, we felt as if Maa came. Pratiksha hugs them. She says I let Ravi do whatever he wants to, and now she can take her own decision, as she got this daring because of her. Kinjal says it seems you love him. Pratiksha says I didn’t feel this for Malhar ji. She blushes and asks them to go. She thinks of Ravi and her moments.

The driver calls Pratiksha and tells that he will show her Kavya and Ravi’s struggles. Pratiksha says your phone was with Kavya. He says that was my company’s phone, and this is my personal phone.

Hansa comes to Mandeep’s house. Manvi insults her. Pratiksha comes to her rescue and tells that their wealth is their values. Mandeep comes there and asks what is their drama? Hansa says you people have scolded and thrown her out, but it gave her courage to fight back. She says Pratiksha is having good values and today she is standing with her. Mandeep accuses Pratiksha and says she is staying in our house forcibly. She says a beggar goes, but not her. Hansa says you should have got your son married to a beggar, she would have gone if you had thrown money at her, but Pratiksha will not go as she is Ravi’s wife. She says may be she kicks her saas. Mandeep says she is not her saas, and says Pratiksha must have taught her to trap rich guys. Pratiksha says enough and says I respect you, but will not let my mother disrespected. She says if I had to insult you to save my mother’s respect then I will. Manvi says Pratiksha is insulting Mandeep. Mandeep insults Hansa and Pratiksha’s parents. Hansa asks her to leave Pratiksha’s parents, as they are dead and tells that she will answer them well. Mandeep asks her to leave with Pratiksha, and will break her mangalsutra and will wipe your sindoor. Pratiksha says I won’t let your hand raised to do it. Mandeep tells Pratiksha that she will wipe her sindoor and break her mangalsutra in 24 hours.

Episode ends.

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