Dharam Patni 30th January 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 30th January 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dharam Patni 30th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Beeji, Manvi, Mandeep, Dolly and Bua dancing during Kavya and Ravi’s engagement. Kavya dances with them and hugs Beeji. Ravi imagines Keerti telling her that she is here with him. She throws the pigeon feather. Ravi catches it. He moves the feather on Keerti’s face and hands and kisses her hands. Keerti keeps feather on his face. He sneezes. She laughs. He lifts her in his arms. His imagination ends. Pratiksha is driving the car. Adi dances with his cousins. Gulshan and Manvi get emotional and hug Kavya. They also sing and dance. Amardeep and Mandeep dance too. Mandeep sees Ravi sad and asks Adi to call him. While everyone is laughing and dancing, Ravi is lost in his own world. Bua asks Ravi to go and give sweets to media. Ravi asks her to give it. Bua says the media wants to meet the new couple. They go downstairs. Kavya gives the sweets to them. They are about to go back. The reporter asks Ravi, that it is heard that your ex fiance’s murderer got bailed. He asks if this is truth. Kavya says this is big day for us, so don’t question like this. Ravi says let me answer this, may be she got bail, but she will be punished for her crime. Other reporter says she is getting married in 2 days. Ravi says he has two days to change her life and says if he don’t do that, then change his name. They go back.

Manvi and Gulshan are leaving and tell that they have make arrangements of marriage. Kavya says bye to them and leaves with them. Ravi tells his parents that he will come in sometime and goes. Pratiksha gets down from her car in the market. Ravi follows her, and thinks what she is doing here in this market. Pratiksha comes to the shop and gives card to the shop keeper inviting him with his family. Ravi comes there, snatches card from the shop keeper, tears it and throws it in car. She asks what you are doing? Ravi says you have snatched my life, I have just torn your card. The shop keeper tells that he will come to her wedding and asks her to go. Ravi asks if he will go to murderer’s marriage. Pratiksha sits in her car. Ravi sits in her car. Pratiksha asks him to get down. She says I have not murdered Keerti ji, and asks him to take help of law. She asks how you got engaged to someone else, when you love Keerti so much. He says you are disgusting. She asks him to leave. Some robbers come there and sit in the car. They ask Pratiksha to drive.

Amardeep tells Mandeep that she looks good when smiling. Mandeep says finally Ravi will be happy, God has shown us the way. The robbers ask Pratiksha to drive. Pratiksha tells the robbers that she doesn’t have anything. Ravi says you snatch everything from others. Pratiksha asks him to be quiet for sometime. The robbers tell that they have lots of money which they don’t have. Pratiksha asks did you steal, what your kids will learn from you. Ravi says you are strange girl to lecture them and asks the robbers to let him go, he has nothing to do with her. Pratiksha says you are after me since a long time and now saying this. The robbers think that they are husband and wife. Pratiksha tells Ravi that she didn’t kill Keerti ji. The robbers tell that there is someone between them. Ravi gets upset. Malhar thinks he will marry Pratiksha and will lift her veil. A constable sneezes. Malhar then dreams of lifting Pratiksha’s veil and Raghu is in bride’s clothes and saying main nai toh kaun be…Ravi tells the robber that he has nothing to do with her. The robber tells that he has stolen money for his wife’s jewellery, and he respects woman. Pratiksha asks if you will give stolen money to your wife. Hansa tells them that Pratiksha haven’t returned till now. She tells that she has hired the mehendi designer who charges 1000 Rs. Pratiksha tells that she was distributing her cards and asked why he torn her card. The robber asks for the card. Ravi gives the card. The robber tells that Malhar and Pratiksha don’t match, and this Jodi suits well. He tells them that their Jodi is good. Ravi says that she can’t be his choice. They ask where is your choice. Pratiksha asks them not to make fun of his fiancé and tells that his fiancé died in an accident. Ravi gets upset and asks why she said. Pratiksha says showing sympathy for you is also wrong. The robbers ask for his name. Pratiksha says Ravi Randhawa. The robbers ask how Pratiksha Ravi Randhawa will look. Pratiksha and Ravi look at each other.

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