Dharam Patni 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 3rd February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dharam Patni 3rd February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prateik coming to Pratiksha’s room. Pratiksha is ready as the bride and says I am going to be someone’s wife, that doesn’t mean that I will not be your daughter. She says she is missing Maa and Papa, as it was their dream to see her as the bride. Prateik says their dreams will be fulfilled today. He says your both parents are here, your Chachu. He says I have fixed your marriage with Malhar, but never asked you, if you are happy with this alliance or not. Pratiksha says Chachi and you are my parents now, and whatever you decide is right. Prateik says Malhar is lucky, you will fill his life with happiness. Kinjal comes there and says baraat has come. Ravi sits in his car and thinks of Keerti. He recalls meeting keerti, and she complaining to him that he might have forgotten to bring her icecream, so she will not talk to him and will not see his face. Ravi gives her icecream. Keerti says she is still angry, as he stole her heart. She says I have your heart. Ravi says keep it safely. She says today is the special night, if they exchange mala then they get married. Ravi ties his chain on her and says now my heart and life is with you. Keerti says if I get lost then. Ravi says I will never lose you. Adi sits in his car and tells that today he is his best man and will be with him. Malhar makes an entry. Everyone is dancing to welcome the groom. Kavya dances with her parents.

Malhar dances with Kinjal and Parul. Ravi imagines Keerti in his car singing. Ravi stops his car seeing Malhar dancing as groom. Adi says lets go bhai, kavya and everyone are waiting. He sees Keerti as the bride, but she is Pratiksha who sits in the car to go to the wedding venue. Adi says we shall go home and talk. Ravi says she is getting married, why? Adi asks Ravi to have water. Ravi refuses. He drives fast to follow Pratiksha’s car. Adi asks him to drive slow. He gets worried and asks him to drive slow. Adi asks him to slow the speed, as there is a valley infront. He shouts no. Ravi stops his car.

Amardeep asks Mandeep where Ravi went? Mandeep says she didn’t know. Amardeep says if he went to that girl, today she is also getting married. Dolly asks if he eloped. Harmeet calls them, but their number is unreachable. Beeji tells that they have forgotten the rituals and didn’t pray to bappa, just visited the temple. Mandeep asks her not to talk to Dolly.

Hansa tells Prateik that don’t know where is Kinjal and Parul. Prateik says I am here to help you, let them come late. She gets happy seeing Malhar coming with his friends. She says he is looking handsome. Adi asks what is in his mind. He says I was so closer to death. Ravi says last when I came with Keerti here, I made her wear my bracelet. Adi thinks how to take him from here, he is not in his senses. Ravi cries and says I couldn’t made her murderer cry and she has planned her wedding. Adi asks her to marry Kavya for now. Ravi says how to marry Kavya, when Keerti is in pain seeing Pratiksha marrying her dream boy. She says until Keerti was there, Pratiksha tried to take her place, and when she was not there, she stole her destiny. He says he will bring destruction in her life, that she will yearn for happiness which she will never get, he swears to his relationship with Keerti, that he will destroy her life.

Hansa applies tilak to Malhar and the tilak water falls on his nose. The ladies tell that his respect will be less. Kinjal and Parul come there. Kinjal wipes his nose. He hugs Hansa and says everything will be fine. Hansa pulls his nose. Parul asks him to give money. Malhar gives them money. Hansa takes the money from them. Parul tells Kinjal that now she will not give us. Kinjal asks her not to feel bad.

Ravi tells that he will take revenge for every tear and pain, and he will give her more pain than she gave to Keerti. She says I will make you confess your crime with your mouth and will make your life hell. He says my sight is on your happiness and says your life will look like life imprisonment for you. Adi looks shocked hearing his anger.

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