Dharam Patni 5th June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 5th June 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dharam Patni 5th June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kavya shouting Ravi’s name seeing Pratiksha massaging Ravi’s head. Ravi says his headache will increase. Kavya asks what is he doing in her room? He says this is my room. Pratiksha and Kavya argue. Ravi calls Kavya as guest mistakenly. Kavya is upset. Ravi says he said it mistakenly. He thinks Pratiksha looks innocent, but is a fighter. He thinks his choice is right and goes. Pratiksha asks Kavya to bring water for her and tells that she will get the room clean. Kavya says I am not your Servant and goes. Mandeep comes to know that Kavya is making kheer for everyone. Pratiksha comes there and tells that she will serve the food. Mandeep says their bahu will serve the food. Pratiksha says she will serve. Kavya comes there and insists to serve food. She serves food and then serves Kheer. Dolly and Dadi taste it and get stunned. Kavya offers Kheer to Pratiksha, but the latter says that she avoids sugar. Mandeep tastes it and says it is good. She makes Ravi taste the kheer. Ravi says gets hiccups and tells that it is very sweet. Pratiksha asks him to avoid sugar as there are chances of diabetes. Manvi asks Mandeep to do something and then suggests her to get Ravi and Pratiksha divorced.

Ravi comes to Pratiksha and says he knows what she wants, she wants her rights of a wife. Pratiksha says she wants something else also. Ravi thinks Pratiksha wants sorry from him, but he can’t say. Pratiksha thinks he shall say sorry to her. He tells Pratiksha that he is going to drop Maasi to her friend’s house. He collides with Kavya, who tells that he is not telling anything to Pratiksha as he has developed feelings for her. She gets Manvi’s call and goes. Manvi plans to get Pratiksha’s sign on the divorced papers, but first have to make her drunk. Mandeep asks shall I call Rahul and Aarohi to the party, it will be Ravi and Kavya’s reception party. She asks them to call Pratiksha, make her drunk, insult her and make her sign the papers.

Manvi and Kavya meet the lawyer who shows the divorce papers and guilt admittance papers. She appreciates the lawyer. Manvi says Pratiksha will be out. Kavya says tonight party will be from my side. Later Pratiksha gets ready. Kavya comes to Pratiksha and asks her to be ready. She says I was good until now. Pratiksha says you were never good with me. Kavya asks her not to come downstairs. She says Mandeep aunty is going to call me as Ravi’s wife. She actually challenges her to come.

Episode ends.

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