Dharam Patni 9th February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 9th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dharam Patni 9th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Hansa asking Kinjal and Parul, why they are talking about Ravi. Everyone hears Ravi’s name. Prateik says why everyone is taking his name. Kinjal says he is Parul’s college guy. She says the Pandit ji who was here, is mysterious? Hansa says I am telling your Chacha, but he is not agreeing. They find the Pandit missing. Hansa says he was surely Ravi. Everyone starts searching him. Dipanshu is worried, and tells Adi that his BP has increased. Adi says we will help him tomorrow. Dipanshu says if you refuse, then I will tell everyone that I was inside the Sehra. Adi says till then Ravi Bhai will be married, and who will believe you. The guests come and want to take pics with Ravi. Harneet says Kavya will come, then you can take the pic. The lady says they will go directly from there. Harneet asks Ravi to move his sehra else she will move his sehra. Adi says I will take pic with the guests. Ravi coughs. The guests go from there.

Pratiksha collides with Ravi and her phone falls down. Ravi looks at her and recalls Keerti’s death. Pratiksha turns and asks what did you do? She thinks if he was Ravi? Ravi finds his beard missing. Pratiksha stops him. He turns to her. Pratiksha says sorry Pandit ji. Ravi thinks thank god, he got his beard and he is saved. He goes. Hansa and Prateik come there and ask Pratiksha if she saw Ravi who was indisguise of Pandit. Hansa says she will beat him with belan today. Pratiksha says I felt he is Ravi, and tells that he went that way. Prateik asks Pratiksha to go to room and lock the door. He says he will not leave Ravi. Pratiksha feels bad and thinks I wish you come to know about my innocence and says I didn’t do anything, when you come to know this, you will not hate me.

Hansa praises Malhar for identifying Ravi. Prateik says I made him get the Police job. Pratiksha prays to Amba Maa and says make everything fine. The light flickers. The lady comes there and says what you feel as hurdle is your way actually, and says with whom you don’t want to walk, destiny makes you walk with him. She says whom you hates so much, may be you will love him immensely. He says whoever is destined is marry, will marry and who are not destined, will not unite. He says there is hatred on the first page and may be there are immense love on others. Ravi goes to the room and tells the Pandit who is tied by him, that he needs his help. Pandit ji asks him to move cloth from his mouth. He recalls coming inside with Pandit ji and then keeping him captive in the room, after revealing to him that he came to stop the marriage. Fb ends. He tells Pandit ji that he wants to stop this girl’s marriage as she has killed his lover and would be wife. He says he tried to get her punished by law, but she was freed. He gives offer to Pandit ji and offers 2 lakhs Rs. Pandit ji thinks he can’t earn this much even in 1 year. Hansa and Prateik knock on the door. Pandit ji opens the door. Hansa asks may be he is wearing the mask. She then says he is real. Prateik asks if he saw any Pandit here. Pandit ji says he is behind the curtain. Ravi is behind the curtain.

Dipankar is worried and tells that Aditi is calling him and will not leave him. He says if I don’t pick her call, then my relation will end with my family. He says if Ravi don’t come then you will get me married to Kavya. Adi thinks what to do, and thinks why Pratiksha also kept her marriage on the same day as Ravi, and he also wants to do drama today. Dipankar talks to Aditi and tells that he is with Ravi and Adi, and tells that there is no beautiful girl like her. He asks Adi to call Ravi and tell him that he has given up. Ravi thinks how to go out, and thinks it will be breaking news on the TV. Hansa asks Prateik to catch him. They pull the curtain and sees Ravi indisguise of Pandit. Hansa argues with him. Prateik says today is my daughter’s marriage and a big day for her. He says I will call Police today. The Pandit ji asks Hansa and Prateik that this Pandit has come to help us. He tells that this Pandit is aged and went behind the curtain to wear diaper. He asks Ravi to say. Ravi says yes. Hansa and Prateik are relieved and are about to go, when Ravi’s phone ringtone is played. Pandit ji tells that kids keep such ringtone. Prateik asks Hansa not to doubt him and goes.

Episode ends.

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