Dheere Dheere Se 13th January 2023 Written Update

Dheere Dheere Se 13th January 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dheere Dheere Se 13th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Malini asking Bhawna if PS is Aanchal’s friend Priya Sharma. She says she didn’t let me talk and was interrupting the call. She gets Bhanu’s call and asks him to get her phone recharged for 29 Rs. Bhawna calls Inspector and the Inspector tells her that they had checked the CCTV footage and caught the right person. He asks her to come and identify the guy. Bhawna says ok. Aanchal sees phone repaired and tells that Raghav uncle is good and solves half of our problems. Swati asks Aarav about her woolen ball. Aarav says I didn’t take it. Bhanu comes home and is about to slip due to the woolen ball thread. Malini says my husband is about to fall down. She asks whose woolen ball is this and scolds the Raghav’s driver. The driver tells that it is not their woolen ball. Bhawna lies that it is her wool, to save Raghav. Swati sees that and reminisces her husband and hopes she gets him back like getting his mobile.

She says all my incomplete work will be completed now.

Brij Mohan talks on phone and sees his wife looking at her bangles. He says it is good that you didn’t give this to your badi bahu and asks her to give the bangles to Swati. Amma says she had already given her 4 bangles set and used to give her jewellery on every festival. She says I will give this for my elder bahu. She says Raghav is taking divorce, and he will move on in life. She says she is keeping fast for him and soon someone will come in his life. Swati hears them and thinks before Raghav gets married, she will get his farewell done. She thinks to go to hospital tomorrow and enquire. She says she will get some big proof tomorrow.

Raghav comes to the Sunhouse construction company and tells that he is Bakshi’s lawyer. He says Bakshi wants to make school on this land on his dead mother’s name and asks the guy to stop constructing the mall, and gives them stay order. He says you might have much money, but I don’t have time. The guy is about to tear the notice. Raghav says he has to file case against him. He advices him to stop the construction and vacate the land. The guy asks his employee to enquire about him.

Swati comes to the City hospital with Raghav and asks him about his friend who is doctor here. Raghav says how did you know, I didn’t tell the hospital name yesterday. Swati thinks he is a lawyer so I am also a lawyer’s wife. She says Aarav told her, he had read the board outside. She asks where is your friend’s cabin. Raghav says I will ask now. He gets a call and goes out. Inspector informs him something. Raghav gets happy and asks did you tell Bhawna ji? He says great.

Bhawna makes snacks and tea and serves to Meera and her family. Meera’s father says today marriage mahurat shall be taken out. Bhanu doesn’t take time from Bhawna’s hand. Pandit ji tells that marriage shall happen but it shall happen within 10 days, else there is no good mahurat till 1-2 years. The Receptionist asks Swati, how was the lady who came with him. Swati asks what was her name and asks her to check in her system. The receptionist says system is down. Swati asks her to think.

Abhishek says we will marry after 1.5 years. Meera says lehenga can’t be selected in 10 mins. Bhawna thinks how she will go. Swati asks her to remember and tell her. Receptionist says Aana, Shabana etc. She asks her to ask Raghav. Swati says he doesn’t want to tell about his employees, but she takes care of them.

Malini says Bhanu was saying that we shall not wait and asks Dada ji. Dada ji nods his head. Meera’s father says lets get the marriage done. Malini says Shehnai will be played in 10 mins and baraat will be played. Meera’s mother gets worried. Malini says we will get his marriage grand. Bhawna thinks how will I reach PS?

Precap: Inspector asks Bhawna to slap the thief. Bhawna says he couldn’t understand my helplessness so how he will understand my slap. Raghav provokes her to slap the thief for stealing her dead husband’s money.

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