Dheere Dheere Se 17th March 2023 Written Update

Dheere Dheere Se 17th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dheere Dheere Se 17th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the Doctor telling that the heart attack was minor and he is out of danger. He says he has to do some test on him. Malini says thank god, Babu ji is fine and blames Bhawna for his condition. Bhawna makes breakfast and tea for the family and thinks about the letter. Malini calls her and taunts her asking her to bring breakfast and tea. Bhawna says she is coming and leaves letter there itself. The letter falls down from the kitchen slab. Raghav is making tea for Gaurav. Swati says he didn’t go for jogging, as after whatever happened in barsati case, he couldn’t sleep in night. Raghav says I will talk to him. Swati says if you talk to him now, then he will get angry on me. She asks him to wait for 2-3 days. Raghav gets a message and asks Swati to give tea to Gaurav and tell him that he made the tea. Swati says ok. She says I will poisoned your relation with him and the day is not far when Gaurav don’t want to see your face.

Raghav holds the tiffin falling from Bhawna’s hand. Bhawna tells him that she is going to hospital. Raghav asks why? Aanchal comes there and gives wallet to her. Bhawna asks her to keep the door and windows closed, and asks her not to worry for Babu ji. Swati gives tea to Gaurav. Gaurav thanks her. She then acts and says sorry Gaurav. She asks him not to get upset, and says I don’t like any tension between the brothers, so I told this to bhaiyya. She says I thought he might repent for his doings, but he went for client meeting. Gaurav gets upset. Swati says I hope he will also realize that you have always supported him.

Bhawna comes to hospital and sees Babu ji. Bhanu blames Bhawna for babu ji’s condition, and says widow woman shall not play with colors, it is a sin and my babu ji has taken your sin on his head. Malini says he regarded you as his daughter and that’s why paying the price for it. Bhawna says don’t talk about all this now. Bhanu says you have invited this trouble. Malini asks him to come and have breakfast. She takes bag from her hand. Bhawna thinks of Babu ji reading the letter and fainting. She says get well soon babu ji, I am alone without you. She says I know you are in this condition because of that letter, I don’t know about it, we will try to find solution once you get fine.

Outside Malini gives tea to everyone. Amit says he can’t drink and tells that Doctor told that they have to keep full time Nurse for babu ji. Bhanu says we have to do this, as he is our Babu ji. Deepak says we are struggling with money. Bhanu says we have to hire a nurse. Bhawna comes there and tells that I will take care of Babu ji and will understand everything from Doctor. Deepak says she is right. Malini says may be her sins gets washed away by taking care of him, she is his real daughter.

Babu ji gains consciousness and tells Bhawna that nobody shall see the letter. Bhawna says it is at home. Babu ji says where is everyone? Bhawna says they went home. Malini, Bhanu and others come home. Malini calls Aanchal and asks her to sprinkle Gangajal on them, as they came from hospital. Aanchal brings it and sprinkles on them. Everyone comes inside. The letter keeps flying and comes near Bhanu. Bhawna says I can’t leave you alone. Babu ji asks her to go home and keep the letter safe. Aanchal comes to Bhanu and gives him water. He picks the paper which fell down from him. Raghav sees Bhawna on the road and offers to drop her home. She sits in his car. He asks her to say ABCD or something to divert her mind from stress. He says Raghav baba has told this to divert the stress. He reads A B C D. Bhawna says it is a good trick. He stops the car outside their lane. Bhawna asks what you was doing outside the hospital. He says he had come there to collect the reports. Savita sees Bhawna coming out of Raghav’s car.

Bhawna comes home and thinks to search the letter in the kitchen. She searches it and finds it on the floor. The letter flies and falls on the saree. Vidya comes there and picks the sarees. Bhawna gets worried. Vidya says you should have sprinkle gangajal on yourself first. Bhawna goes to inhouse temple and is about to spray gangajal on her when Vidya asks what is it? Bhawna comes to Vidya.

Precap: Bhawna comes to the courier agency and asks about Bansi, who had brought the letter. The lady tells that Bansi doesn’t work here. Bhawna sees Bansi and run behind him. She catches him.

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