Dheere Dheere Se 24th January 2023 Written Update

Dheere Dheere Se 24th January 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dheere Dheere Se 24th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gaurav telling the Judge that Vikas is ready to give the compensation to Bhawna. Vikas says yes. Bhawna asks Judge not to do injustice with her, due to her lawyer, and says please give me a chance. Vikas asks Bhawna to accept defeat and asks if you will fight the case as your lawyer haven’t come. Judge asks him to sit. Gaurav asks Judge to give the next date. Judge gives the case hearing date which is next week. Meera tells Abhishek that it is not birthday, but their engagement which will happen only once, and asks why she didn’t come. Abhishek says Chachi must be badly stuck, she can never miss my engagement.
Nirmala says just 10 mins are left for engagement.

The builder comes to Raghav and makes his papers fall down. Raghav tells him that he is not afraid of such people and will slap him with criminal case. The lawyer picks the papers and gives to Raghav. Raghav hears Gaurav scolding vikas to interfering in between the case hearing. He asks him not to interfere again and respect Bhawna as she is a woman and a widow. Vikas goes. Raghav asks Gaurav about Bhawna. Gaurav tells that he wanted to dismiss the case, but Bhawna was not ready and asked Judge for next date, as her lawyer didn’t come. Raghav says he is a unprofessional lawyer. Gaurav says she is a courageous woman to ask Judge for the date. Raghav says yes, she is very courageous. He hopes everything becomes fine for Bhawna.

Meera tells Nirmala that Bhawna told that Abhishek is like his son, and today is the important day for him, and she didn’t come. Bhawna waits for auto and gets a call, but phone get off. Raghav comes in his car. Bhawna asks him if he will give her lift. Raghav asks her to sit. He drives the car. Malini says Bhawna’s phone is off. Nirmala says she has taken so much time to bring a thread and says you are not keeping our respect. Everyone looks on. Bhawna tells Raghav that she always troubles him and asks if he can drive fast. He asks if the case hearing was good. She says no and says your brother wanted to dismiss the case, and was ready to give money inexchange of barsati. Raghav says my brother didn’t know about your struggle. Bhawna tells that he must have known today. She says she needs to go home at the earliest, as her family comes first for her, and she has to give the thread for the engagement. Raghav says 15-20 mins are ok. Bhawna says she shall not be late. He drops her and thinks she is always in problem. Abhishek and Meera gets engaged. Bhawna comes late after engagement. Abhishek says Chachi and leaves Meera’s hand. Meera gets angry. Abhishek gives his hand to Bhawna asking her to come to the stage. Bhawna wishes Abhishek and Meera, congratulating them. Nirmala says you came now, we were waiting for you. Bhawna says I had some personal work. Nirmala says I have to get my daughter’s engagement done in 5 mins, due to you, without the thread. She says you call Abhishek as your son and asks if a mother comes late for her son’s engagement. Abhishek says no problem and asks them to believe him and says Chachi must be helpless. Meera is angry. Bhawna says I should have come on time. Abhishek asks Meera to take her blessings. Meera touches her feet and recalls Nirmala’s words.

Bhawna says you both should have got this thread tied before engagement. Abhishek says no problem, we will tie it during marriage. Dada ji takes out date of marriage which is after a week. Nirmala tells that she doesn’t like Bhawna coming late. Bhanu says you didn’t do right Bhawna, they made me dance today. Nirmala asks them to vacate their room and get it decorated as per Meera’s taste. Bhawna recalls Bhanu’s words and says room will be vacated in 2 days. Nirmala says we will meet for marriage now and will talk on phone. They leave.

Bhawna apologizes to Bhanu for coming late. Bhanu scolds her and asks her if she will get him humiliated infront of the neighbors who is here. He asks her to come home and don’t stand there. He says he doesn’t have someone to give him money, like he gave to her thousands to lose on court hearing. He goes after taunting her.

Precap: Amit lights the cracker and it injures Aarav’s hand. Raghav gets angry and hits Amit. Bhanu comes there to fight with Raghav. Bhawna shouts Raghav ji.

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