Dheere Dheere Se 24th May 2023 Written Update

Dheere Dheere Se 24th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dheere Dheere Se 24th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bhawna thanking Raghav and tells that Abhi told me that you got Deepak’s speech from college. She thanks him for giving her courage to take the right decision. Raghav thanks her for not falling in that baba’s clutch. He says that day when Aanchal lied. Bhawna says let it go. Raghav says let it go. Bhawna says you have scared me as blackmailer and couldn’t make me concentrate on work and I got involved in Mahautsav unnecessarily. Raghav asks him to forgive her. She says she will take 24 months to forgive him. He says when you have forgiven Aanchal and Babu ji, and not an ordinary friend like me. She says you was never ordinary for me, but was her guide who showed her the right way. He says Bhanu had sent the goons to do. Bhawna says my accident, and hopes Bhanu mends his way.

Abhi and Dimple call them. Raghav asks what is the matter? Bhawna asks if goons troubling you. Abhi says no. Dimple says Bhawna had asked us to break our friendship for some days. Bhawna says I asked you to stay far from each other, for few days. Dimple and Abhi tell that they are not just friends, but love each other and wants to marry.

Brij Mohan shows Shekhar’s photo to Savita. Savita says she will ask Dimple to get ready. Bhawna and Raghav are surprised to know that they love and wants to marry. Raghav says he has some questions. Savita says Raghav shall also marry.Brij Mohan says there are line of girls waiting for him. Savita thinks Raghav will not marry anyone until Bhawna is here.

Bhawna asks them to get married after becoming financially stable. Raghav says Abhi shall do job and Dimple shall complete her studies. He asks how you will run your house and tells that he has no doubt that he is a nice man, and tells that Bhanu will never agree then where he will keep her. He asks him to get employed first and says when struggle time comes, then romance can’t withstand. Raghav asks him to see Bhawna. Bhawna tells Dimple that the girl has to adjust more after marriage, and you knows well that their families, and asks if she can adjust in their house. Dimple says I can adjust anywhere with Abhi. Raghav says we are not scaring you and asks them to make 3 years plan. Dimple and Abhi go to Bhawna’s workshop to write their plan. Dimple writes the plan, while Abhi is not clear about his career and asks her to leave him alone for sometime.

Raghav tells Bhawna that love stories blossom between the enemies and asks Bhawna to pray that their love story completes. He asks her not to stop talking to him. Bhawna hopes that their decision shall be taken after a thought. Dimple returns home. Swati asks her to wear saree and says Shekhar is coming and if the guy is good then your roka will be done. Dimple is shocked and calls Abhi. She tells him that they have to change their plan. She says they don’t have even 3 days now, and says that they shall elope, else her father will fix her marriage. Abhi says I will come. Bhawna comes to Abhishek and finds the clothes scattered. She asks him. He tells that he is cleaning his cupboard. Bhawna asks him to have halwa. She finds bag there.

Precap: Raghav and Bhawna find them eloped and sit in the car to go. They reach them, but they run and reach the temple. Raghav tries to stop Abhi. Abhi takes off gun and says if you come behind us then we will kill each other.

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