Dheere Dheere Se 27th February 2023 Written Update

Dheere Dheere Se 27th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dheere Dheere Se 27th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raghav coming out of the room, but Vidya hides. Vidya is leaving when she sees Devraj locking the main door with a lock. She thinks she is stuck here. Malini calls her. Vidya tells her that she is stuck in old man’s house. Malini gets shocked and asks her to leave Bhawna and come home somehow. She says if you get trapped then they will send you to jail. Vidya gets worried and prays to God to help her reach home. Raghav asks Bhawna to keep the stuff in the box. In the morning, Aarushi wakes up Malini and asks about Vidya. Just then Vidya comes there and signs in Aarushi’s book. Aarushi leaves. Vidya shows the stolen God’s clothes to Malini. Malini gets happy and says I asked you to put Bhawna in trouble, but you fell in trouble yourself. Vidya recalls going from there and stealing the God’s clothes, seeing Bhawna and Aanchal sleeping. Malini appreciates her and says I knew you will not agree without winning. She says if Bhawna comes to know that the stuff is not there. Raghav comes to Bhawna and makes her have curd and sugar. He says I asked devraj to drop you. Bhawna doesn’t check the box and leaves. Mahant ji comes to choose the clothes for God. Malini asks Vidya, what did she kept in the box. Vidya smirks. Mahant ji opens the box of Bhawna and sees blouse. He asks what is this vulgarity? Vidya tells that she has brought spice for her. Malini asks what is it?

Vidya says she will show and looks for her phone, and finds it missing. She says if someone gets my phone then I will be caught. Raghav finds the phone and thinks whose phone is this? He asks the Servant. Bhawna tells Mahant ji that she had made beautiful God’s clothes, and says don’t know what has happened. She asks him to give her sometime to check in house. Bhawna calls Raghav and asks him to check if the God’s clothes are left in the room. Raghav checks in her room, but couldn’t find it. He tells Bhawna. Raghav asks what is in the box? Bhawna says it was missing from the box. Raghav sees Amit’s call on the phone, and tells Bhawna that he will bring those clothes. Vidya says don’t know where it had fallen. Malini says if someone comes to know that babu ji and your bhaiyya will scold you. Vidya says you are equally involved and asks shall I go there again. Raghav comes there and says if you go again then will be caught. Bhawna asks the guy to give her sometime, as someone from home is bringing the clothes. The guy says Guru ji is very angry and tells that they have to tell the decision. Mahant ji tells that the one who doesn’t value time can’t win. The participant taunts her for partying. The guy tells that if you didn’t bring the clothes then you can’t come to the temple also.

Bhanu talks to a guy and asks him about forgetting to invite him for his daughter’s wedding. The guy says you had gone to jail then, and asks him not to feel bad. He asks him to come and meet Guru ji who can give him some peace.

Malini asks Raghav, why does he comes to their house often. Raghav says I have come here from front, but she has secretly sneaked in my house and this is the proof. He asks shall I call the neighbors as you are like the drama, but this is not my style, I thought to resolve the matter privately. He asks can I come inside? Malini looks on. He comes inside. Malini closes the door. Raghav asks who will speak, what this phone is doing in my house. Vidya says it is not our phone. Raghav says I also thought and tells that Amit Bhaiyya called and his photo flashed on the screen. He asks if he has any girlfriend. Vidya says he called me only. Amit calls Vidya again. Raghav says I am thinking to pick the call. Vidya asks what do you want? He asks for the clothes made by Bhawna. Bhawna asks the guy, how he can prohibit her from coming to temple. Mahant ji asks her not to argue, and asks if she didn’t feel shame after bringing such clothes. Bhawna says she is not arguing or misbehaving. She says it is a mistake and it shall be forgiven. She requests Guru ji to give her a chance. Bhanu comes there with his friend.

The guy says she is from your family. Bhanu looks at Bhawna angrily. Malini gives the bag to Raghav. Raghav says you both are elder than Bhawna, but you don’t have any dignity. He asks from where you get time to conspire against her, you people think all day, how to ruin her life. He says you have thrown her out of the house, and was worried that she might win the competition, and that’s why sneak into my house. Malini asks him to leave silently. Raghav gives phone to Vidya and tells that next time, if she enters his house then he will slap her with many sections. Malini calls him runaway wife’s husband and asks what is his relation with bhawna. Bhawna sees Bhanu.

Precap: Guru ji asks Bhanu if he knows that she has brought vulgar clothes for God’s clothes. He asks if this is your family values. Bhawna says this is not my clothes. Bhanu says enough and shows her newspaper.

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