Dheere Dheere Se 6th February 2023 Written Update

Dheere Dheere Se 6th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dheere Dheere Se 6th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Meera asking Abhishek if someone is coming to dance or if he accepted his defeat. Abhishek says Chachi. Bhawna thinks she has to dance to keep the children’s heart. Abhishek goes to stage and asks them to sit on their chairs, as their strict reply is going to come. Nirmala asks who is remaining? Abhishek asks her to wait. Raghav asks Swati to hold his shoulder and walk. Swati says we will leave once the music starts. Bhawna comes to the stage and starts dancing. Raghav is surprised to see Bhawna dancing and smiles. Swati says time has come for what she was waiting. The guest lady tells that Bhawna is shameless to dance and passes nasty comments. Malini is about to get up, but Bhanu stops her and tells that she shall talk after going home. Bhawna is about to fall. Raghav is about to go and hold her, but manages to hide, seeing Bhawna handling herself. Swati thinks Bhaiyya is yearning for Bhawna.

Raghav thinks Bhawna has proved that she is not a coward. Abhishek, Aanchal and Aarushi also join and dance with her. Swati tells that Bhawna ji dances so well, and says if everything was fine in their family then they would have become friends. Bhawna continues to dance with Abhishek, Aanchal and Aarushi. The guests scold Bhanu and Dada ji for giving much liberty to Bhawna. Abhishek asks Poonam who has won. Poonam says Bhawna is the winner. Abhishek makes Bhawna wear the tiara. He asks Meera if she will digest their victory or needs churan. Meera says your chachi dances well and says congrats. Nirmala says they will leave now. Bhanu and others ask them to have food. Nirmala says our stomach got full due to the drama. Raghav, Swati and Aarav come back home. Swati asks Raghav to go inside with Aarav and she will come slowly. She calls at the landline so that Brij Mohan comes out and attends the call. Brij Mohan picks the call, but she doesn’t say anything. Brij Mohan sees Raghav and asks from where he is coming. Swati comes inside and says they had taken Aarav to have icecream. Brij Mohan asks swati to make him sleep. Raghav thanks Swati. Swati thinks she will win his trust first.

Malini asks someone to call the street boys for her sizzling dance. She asks Bhawna to make mala of their slippers and then make them wear it, then wear this tiara. Bhawna asks what has happened? Malini says where you was dancing, you will get our shattered respect pieces. She says you should have worn lehenga, must have gone to parlour and got yourself ready. She says when you have forgotten that your husband is dead and not a year has passed. She bashes her for breaking her limitations and for ruining their respect. She says you didn’t leave us. She bashes her with all the bad words and says what was the song, and asks for whom you was waiting. She says all the ways are closed now for you, and tells that the taunts has broken their respects. She says Deepak’s soul might be yearning that his wife has forgotten him and is dancing madly infront of everyone. She shouts and asks her to bring color, so that they celebrate happiness. Abhishek says Chachi didn’t do anything wrong, we had forced her to dance. Malini shouts asking him to be silent and says today nobody will say anything.

Raghav is in his room and thinks for the first time, you have done something for yourself. You are very courageous and dances well. He thinks if swati’s fear is right, if people will make fun of Bhawna’s dance. Bhanu comes to the venue and breaks the decoration. He tells that when the marriage is canceled and tells that Babu ji went behind them, but they didn’t listen, they sat in the car and left. Malini asks what did they say? Bhanu says they didn’t say clearly, but it was clear. He says I told you to make sure that nothing wrong shall happen. He says why you didn’t stop. He says people say right that foolish friend, selfish children and cunning woman is the reason for a man’s destruction and says all these qualities are in this woman. He says now play the band. Bhanu and dada ji leaves. Vidya tells Malini that they will be insulted and ruined if this marriage haven’t happen. Malini blames Bhawna for this and asks her to apologize to the girl’s family for her shamelessness. She says I don’t care, bend down, hold their feet, or plead infront of them, bring forgiveness and says this marriage shall not happen. She says if this marriage is cancelled, then I will make your and your daughter’s life miserable, and swears on God.

Precap: Raghav stops the rickshaw and Bhawna sits in it. Bhanu’s goons come there and hits Raghav on his head. Raghav fights with them but they hit on his head again, injuring him badly and he faints.

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