Dheere Dheere Se 8th February 2023 Written Update

Dheere Dheere Se 8th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dheere Dheere Se 8th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bhawna praying to God to move all hurdles from Abhishek’s marriage. She says if I have done wrong then forgive me. She comes out of the temple. Raghav comes there. Bhawna gives him prasad. Raghav takes it and thanks her. He says you really dance well, and says I am surprised seeing your courage. He asks her not to get worried about other’s comments, and says it is not wrong to think about your life. He says I am proud of you. Bhawna says thank you. Raghav goes to the temple and prays. Bhawna thinks of Aanchal’s words and calls Raghav. She says my daughter wants me to have a friend like Krishna ji, and asks if he will become her friend. Raghav says Bulbul told you the importance of friendship, but I will show you the real friendship of a true friend, and says I will be proud to become your friend. He says friends and forwards her hand. Bhawna shakes hand with him.

Bhawna returns home. Malini taunts her for doing a sin and then washing it in the temple. Bhawna gives her prasad. She doesn’t take her from her hand and takes it directly from her box. Bhawna says I will help you. Malini asks her to move back from shagun haldi, and asks her to look at herself in the mirror, to see who is she? Bhawna tells her that she offered as it is not grinded yet. Bhawna tells that the coconut passes many hands before it is finally comes to the temple, to keep it infront of God. Malini taunts her and asks her to stay away from the marriage rituals. Abhishek says you have to hear so much because of me. Bhawna says she doesn’t feel bad about anyone’s words. Aanchal asks if she befriended anyone and asks her to call her friend to marriage. Bhawna thinks how to invite him to marriage. Raghav confides in Swati that he has befriended Bhawna. Swati assures him that she will not tell anyone. He says he will fulfill the friendship till his last breath. He goes. Swati thinks to make his friendship turn into love, else bollywood will be insulted, as the saying will be proved wrong, that man and woman can’t be friends. Bhanu and Malini apply haldi to Abhishek. Bhanu jokes. He applies haldi to Deepak. Bhawna is standing far and smiling looking at Abhishek. Abhishek gets sad, but smiles for her.

Raghav saves Bhawna’s number as dost. Bhanu and Raghav are going on the road. Bhanu’s scooter collides with Raghav’s car and he falls down. Raghav gets down from his car and makes Bhanu get up. He asks how is he? Bhanu blames him for hitting him and says you have to bear my wrath. Raghav says he is a lawyer and don’t do anything wrong. Bhanu calls him inauspicious and runaway woman’s husband. He blames him for making the haldi falls down. Raghav picks the haldi bowl and gives to it Bhanu, saying someone might be praying for your son’s marriage that all haldi haven’t fallen down. He apologizes again and leaves in his car. Bhanu messages the goon to attack Raghav again. Bhawna sees Raghav’s message in which he has sent lawyer’s number and address. Bhawna goes to meet lawyer. Some goons follow Bhawna and play her video on their mobile. Bhawna says you both are kid infront of me. They ask her to love them. Bhawna runs. Raghav stops his car seeing them. Bhawna says they are troubling me. Raghav sits on his car and asks what you would do, if I haven’t come here. Bhawna takes the stick and starts beating the goons. The goon snatches it and is about to attack Bhawna, when Raghav comes there and holds the stick.

Precap: Bhanu’s goons attack Raghav and make him heavily injured. Bhawna gets down from her auto and comes to Raghav. She takes Raghav to the hospital.

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