Dhhai Kilo Prem 19th August 2017 Written Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 19th August 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Dhhai Kilo Prem 19th August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Piyush getting down from his car and sees the car. The couple sitting inside ask why you are after us. Piyush asks why you drove faster seeing me. The man says that they thought goon is following them and got scared. Piyush asks them to go. He thinks where to search her. Kunal calls Deepu and tells that he is going to identify the car. Deepu says ok. She asks Sarika to go. Sarika says she will not leave her alone and tells that Guru might come to her house again. She says if he comes again then we can get info from him. She says he told that he will come whenever I call him. Guru calls her and asks her to turn. Deepu asks where is Meghna? Meghna and Rahul reach the court and thinks to wait at parking lot. Deepu slaps Guru and asks him to tell, threatening to put him in jail.

Guru says he would have told if Sarika asked her. Deepu offers to give him her jewellery and gives her ornaments. Sarika says even I will give mine. Guru asks her to stop and says my love is not cheap. He says they went to court to get married. Deepu calls Piyush. Sarika asks him why did he keep the jewellery. He says it is his business. Deepu asks Guru to stop following Sarika and goes.

Kunal, Piyush, Deepu and Sarika come to court. Kunal says I will call my team. Deepu refuses to let police team come and says they will handle them. She says we will catch them in the morning.

In the morning, Meghna and Rahul come to court holding garlands and each other hands..Piyush, Deepu, Sarika also comes there. Deepu asks Piyush to wait and says she will make them understand. Rahul and Meghna come to the registrar. Registrar asks who will become witness and sign. Deepu comes and says she will sign. She says what did you think that you will manage to fool us. Rahul asks her to let them marry. Deepu says she is not against the marriage and asks Meghna to come home. He asks Registrar to do their marriage. Registrar refuses until they bring two witnesses. Rahul asks Meghna to run. Piyush comes and says all your ways are closed. You can’t cross the wall and go. Rahul assures Meghna that he will not leave her. He pushes Piyush and runs with Meghna. Kunal comes with the constables and asks them to stop running.

Piyush asks Meghna to come with him silently. Rahul says why, so that you can get her married to someone else. Piyush slaps him. Meghna stops Piyush and says she has accepted Rahul as her husband, even though they didn’t marry. She says you have no right to slap my husband and this is not the right place to fight. Deepu asks Piyush not to get angry and tells Rahul why did he lie to her. Rahul says how can I wait for one year. Deepu asks them to wait. Rahul says he don’t trust his mum and have planned everything alone. Meghna says I supported him as he is right. Kunal asks Piyush to calm down and says this is court. He says he will put kidnapping charges on Rahul. Meghna says he didn’t kidnap me, I came with my wish, if anyone harm him then I will die.

Kunal says this time he will not charge him, but will not spare next time. He asks Piyush to take Meghna before Pankaj wakes up. Rahul gets upset as Meghna is taken away by Piyush. He brings her home. Meghna says she will marry Rahul only. Piyush asks her to marry around Papa ji’s pyre. Meghna says even you are like him. Deepu asks them to come inside before Pankaj wakes up. Tushar opens the door. Madhuri looks angrily at Meghna and slaps her hard. She says you didn’t think about your father at once. Namrata says she is blinded in love and don’t care about anyone. She says it was good that Papa was sleeping. Deepu asks them not to discuss anything. Pragya says you people will not tell my brother. Madhuri asks her not to tell anything to Pankaj. Pankaj comes and asks what? Everyone is shocked. Pankaj asks what he is hiding and asks them to tell. He asks Deepu to tell. Deepu is shocked.

Lawyer calls Rukmini and says you have fixed your son’s marriage and haven’t told me. He says your son and daughter in law Meghna came to court early morning. Rukmini fumes.

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