Dhhai Kilo Prem 20th September 2017 Written Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 20th September 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Dhhai Kilo Prem 20th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Deepu getting Kunal’s call. She picks his call and says everything is fine and will tell later. Piyush asks her not to tell anything. Deepu says what to say. He gives her triple cheese pizza and asks her to tell that they are spy. Deepu says no and says she will tell that he is a thai massager and Sarika is his client. Piyush is embarrassed and tells no. Deepu says people go to Thailand for such massages. Piyush says they go for other massage. He asks her to say that he does acupressure. She gets Rahul’s call and is shocked. She says I will come and tells piyush that Meghna fell down and got hurt. She says she has to go. Piyush says I will go and asks her to take his bag and go home.

Guru and his friend come to someone’s house for stealing the things. He

then recalls Sarika’s words and tells his friend that they will not do any wrong work now. His friend is saying what we will eat it. Guru says they will do hard work and earn money. Owner of the house comes and gets shocked seeing them. Guru says they haven’t stolen anything and asks her to lock the house properly next time.
Meghna feels pain. Piyush comes running to her and recalls everyone caring for her when she was at their house. He asks where is Rahul? Meghna says he went to bring medicine. Piyush asks about her pain. She says she thought she will win her papa after getting good marks, but now how she will write the exams. Piyush promises her that Deepu and he will make Pankaj forgive her soon.

Deepu tells Kunal that they can’t believe what she saw. Kunal asks if she can tell infront of Tushar. Tushar says I know everything, I am not a kid. Kunal scolds him. Deepu says everything is available on internet. Amit says I want to slap Sarika and that’s why I switched off my phone. Tushar asks what is the secret. Deepu says Piyush is a massage therapist. Kunal says he is doing Thai Massage. Deepu says why guys call it as thai massage and asks if it is famous. She says he does foot massage, acupuncture. She says Sarika is having problem and that’s why he goes to her home to treat her foot. Kunal is not convinced. Deepu thinks to convince Inspector in him and says she saw with her own eyes that Piyush was piercing needles on Sarika’s foot to treat her. She says we can dismiss the case right now and says case solved. Kunal nods his head, but is not convinced. Tushar asks what is Thai Massage. Kunal and Amit beat him.

Guru comes to Pankaj’s shop and hears him talking to Madhuri. Pankaj asks him what he wants. Guru asks him to work. Pankaj asks why shall I give you work. Guru says he is hand working guy. Pankaj asks him to come tomorrow. Guru sees Madhuri’s pic and thinks he will start afresh. He drops the pic by mistake and turns to pick it. Pankaj picks it up and gives in his hand without seeing it.

Piyush comes home. Tushar asks him to do acupuncture. Amit also asks him to relieve him from neck pain. Kunal scolds them for making fun of Piyush and asks him to treat his back pain. They all laugh on him. Piyush gets upset and goes to room. Deepu comes and sits on bed. Piyush says they were making fun on me and says if we had told about dance, then they would have made pamphlets distributed. Deepu says you are a good dancer, but not massager. She asks him to dance. Piyush asks her to buy ticket and see dance. Deepu says I will buy all tickets and see your performance. Just then she gets Rahul’s call who tells her that he got anchoring role for a dance show. Deepu gets an idea and enquires about the participation. Rahul says anyone can send video and the selected person will get trained by specialized dancer. Deepu ends the call and asks Piyush to take part in the dance show. Piyush refuses and says he can’t dance infront of people and make fun of himself. He refuses to participate. Deepu thinks she will not accept it so easily and says you have to take part and win too.

Deepu calls Sarika and asks when Piyush will come. Sarika says in the evening. Deepu says she will take his video and send for dance audition. She takes his video while he dances. Guru sees Madhuri with Namrata, Tushar and telling about her kids. He thinks she forgot about him and don’t care about his existence.

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