Dil Dhoondta Hai 12th January 2018 Written Update

Dil Dhoondta Hai 12th January 2018 Written Update by Sona

Dil Dhoondta Hai 12th January 2018 Written Episode

Ajji tries to convince the chawl residents but none agree. Ajji holds a young guy and places a knife at his neck. The lady pleads Ajji. Ajji says this is what she wanted to show her, Anjali felt the same emotions for Vishi as she has for her son. They leave to save Ravi and Vishi.
Ravi requests Vishi to go from here, her family needs him more than her. Vishi wasn’t ready to leave, if they are intended to die together, let it be. Sonia laughs as no one will save them now.
Dalvi family comes to RV’s house. They look inside and were confronted by goons. One of them head with a knife and asks about their identity. Another throw a knife towards Anjali. She screams but the knife fell over a box nearby. Ajji holds the stabber and deters one of them to tell about Ravi and Vishi. The goons

agree to take them to Ravi and Vishi.
In the godown, Dalvi couldn’t find Ravi and Vishi. They chase the foot prints. Sonia says they will die together watching each other suffer. This is poisonous gas, it will take them close to death. She wears a mask and burns the thread of gas container, running outside. The room was filled with stinging gas. Later, Ravi and Vishi lay on the floor unconscious. Sonia comes to Vishi and says he made her suffer, she got him a painful death as well. Vishi opens his eyes. Sonia was shocked to see him alive. Ajji and family come there to explain. Ajji says they entered as soon as Sonia left poisonous gas into the room and saved them. Sonia brings out a stabber and deters to finish them all. Vishi asks her about the papers. Sonia says she gave the papers to RV in return of their lives. Ravi tries to snatch the stabber which fell over the spike bed, Sonia fell over the knife herself. She breathes her last smiling that they will not get the Chawl papers.
In the Chawl, RV asks Dalvi family if they went to make a different arrangement for themselves. Vishi says RV will go away. RV smiles if Sonia tortured him to go crazy. RV’s goons hold a gun at Vishi as he tries to confront RV. Vishi tells RV they have the real papers, Sonia made a fool of him again. If he thinks Sonia would easily hand him the real papers; she played a game with him again. RV checks the papers in his pockets when Vishi burns them with a lighter. They all cheer but RV holds Ajji at gun point. The police reached at the venue and arrests the goons by throwing a wooden rod at RV. The chawl residents hug Ajji.
Vishi and RV come home and find everyone saddened. Ajji says they hugged everyone at the chawl, but when will Vishi and Ravi hug each other. Avinash hands Vishi tickets for his honeymoon. Avinash says anything can happen him life at any time, you must live each and every moment to its full. Abhishek asks about their honeymoon. Avinash teases he spent one in Punjab as well but Anjali allows them to go as well. Ravi and Vishi say they will go together. She has got the family she always looked for, and she wish to live together like this always. Kavita takes a selfie together.

The show has ended

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