Dil Dhoondta Hai 29th December 2017 Written Update

Dil Dhoondta Hai 29th December 2017 Written Update by Sona

Dil Dhoondta Hai 29th December 2017 Written Episode

Second Half from Woh Apna Sa-Dil Dhoondta Hai Mega Episode

Vishi and Ravi decide to bring Ajji back safely. When they return, Vishi thinks once Ajji is saved he will tell Ravi about the flat. Ravi says she will offer Prasad in the temple the day Ajji returns, until then she can’t think about something else.
Anjali and family were shocked to hear that the lady staying with them isn’t Ajji. Bella says she also felt her behavior awkward. Avinash wonders what’s their motive. Ravi says they want papers of chawl, and they are torturing Ajji for the papers. Avinash was upset that his mother never thought anything wrong about others, he was thankful to Ravi. Ravi says she is her Ajji as well, and they are one. She was sure to

get their Ajji back soon.
The impostor screamed as Sangeeta twisted her ear. Suresh says this lady would put them in danger, only her face resembles Ajji. The impostor says they were useless even while staying in the house, it was only her efforts. She asks them for two more days, she will throw the papers over their face.
Vishi tells the family to stay normal and not to show their doubts. He tells them about a tracking chip from the inspector. Sangeeta and Suresh come home, Vishi was about to speak to them but the impostor comes from behind as well.
The next morning, Anjali brings tea for Ajji and Avinash. Ravi and Vishi come eating ice cream, Kavita, Bella and Abhijeet were excited to have ice cream. The impostor goes before them all. Kavita, Bella and Abhijeet indulge the impostor to get the ice cream. She hurries towards home looking for her phone, but the lady leaves. At home, they had found the mobile and tried to place the chip in it. The casing didn’t open, Ravi gets a call from Abhijeet that Ajji left for home already.
Anjali and Avinash go out to keep her indulge. Outside the house, Anjali asks Ajji to go to temple, but she hurries inside to get the Aarti. Vishi tries to close the casing when they spot Ajji come inside. They hide behind a table while the mobile fell over the floor. The impostor looks for her cell phone, then was relieved to see fallen on floor. She walks outside with it silently.
Ravi and Vishi trace Ajji’s location to a desserted place. Vishi says the location shows this place, she must be somewhere around. The impostor locks a door, hides a gun under her dress and walks towards Vishi and Ravi. They try to hide themselves.

PRECAP: Ravi hear someone move from inside a container. Ajji hits the door with his tied feet. Ravi calls Vishi that Ajji is in a truck outside the chawl. In Woh Apna Sa, Nisha says she doesn’t care whether Jia lives or die. Arjun drags and pushes Nisha out of the house.

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