Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 11th June 2015 Written Update

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Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 11th June 2015 Written Update by H_Hasan

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 11th June 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Disha asking Arav how he wants to celebrate his birthday this time. He says just like mamma used to celebrate in their locality. She says they cannot and asks him to ask another wish. Kapoor hears that and says they will celebrate his birthday here and can invite all his friends. Arav happily goes to invite his friends over phone. Disha looks at Kapoor smilingly and he also smiles.

Ram reaches music company and plays his music in front of MD. MD likes his music a lot. Just then, Manav comes there and gets angry seeing Ram there. He asks MD why is this man here. MD says he is a good musician. Manav says he is also good murder and just now released on bail after killing his wife. He orders MD to kick out Ram from there, else he will not tie up his company. MD asks Ram to leave and shouts at Karan for bringing a murderer. Manav asks Ram to get out and he sadly leaves.

Ayaan reaches Ram’s house owner and asks if he got any letters after ram’s children left house. He says some letters came and his wife must have kept it somewhere, hopes she did not sell it in scrap. He asks him to find it as it is Anu’s letter and will prove Ram innocent. Owner says Ram has to give him 6 months’ rent and will find letter if he can get it back. Ayaan asks him to find it soon. Owner gets some letters. Ayaan finds Anu’s letter among them and happily reads it. He then thinks Disha’s anger against her father is invalid and he will prove it now. He gets out of society, calls his boss and informs about letter. Boss says he is going out of town and will collect it tomorrow from him. Ayaan says he will show it to Disha and Kapoor. Boss asks not to as Kapoor hates Ram and will burn it. Ayaan thinks what to do now.

Karan tells Ram that Manav will always trouble him. Ram gets Arav’s call and gets happy hearing it. He asks why is he whispering. Arav says he is hiding from everyone and speaking. Ram happily speaks to him.

Kapoor shows Dadlani’s album success party invitation to Suraj and says his company grew so big in just 4 years. Arav comes and requests to play cricket with him. He asks to kiss him first. Arav kisses on his cheeks. Kapoor says he will bat first. Arav gets sad. Kapoor says he can bat then. Ayaan comes there smiling. Kapoor asks if he is happy today. Ayaan says he is always happy, but today he is more happy. Arav insists to play with him and he leaves dropping letter by mistake.

Kapoor walks towards letter but stops seeing Manav. Manav says he found Ram in Kuku’s office and insulted him a lot, he also warned all music directors not to hier Ram. Kapoor says he did really good. Manav says he got an party invitation from Dadlani for his album’s success. Kapoor says he should learn from Dadlani, within 4 years he grew his small company so good. Manav gets jealous.

Arav gets ready for the party and asks Disha to accompany him. She says she will not. Ayaan comes there and asks if it is his marriage. He says he has 20 years for that. Ayaan asks why is his sister sad today, if she is going to the party. He says no and invites him instead. Ayaan agrees.

Ram calls many music companies seeking a job, but everybody rejects his call. Karan says Manav has warned everyone and nobody will give him job. He says he can get job from Dadlani as he is Kapoor’s rival. Ram says he is a big shot and will not meet them. Karan says they will enter Dadlani’s party and meet him there. Ram asks how will they get passes. Karan asks not to worry about that and he will get also his size blazer and asks him to get his best music ready.

Precap: Vidya Balan attends Dadlani’s party to promote her new movie Hamari Adhuri Kahani.

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